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Recent additions

The Covid-19 lockdown has provided ample time to do some more research and recording of our parish's fascinating past.

A Legacy of Slave-ownership in Deddington Following the abolition of slavery by Britain in 1833, large amounts of compensation were paid by the Government to previous slave-owners; this included a Deddington family. The large national debt incurred (40% of national income)was not paid off until 2015.

Between the Wars brings together links to the oral and written memories of five well known characters whose stories of the days when Deddington was still a quiet agricutural village tell of another age. It also contains details of Hostages to Fortune, a novel written by a Deddington doctor's wife, and based on this village in the 1920s & 30s. It was  critically acclaimed and is still fascinating to read 100 years later.

Plagues & Pestilence have affected Deddington over the years. The previous pandemic to Covid-19 was the Spanish Flu in 1918/19 - except it was not Spanish at all!

Two Transportees and their families

Life was tough in the mid C19th for poor agricutural workers. Paupers and crime went hand in hand. The Gardner and Fletcher families suffererd from both.

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