Deddington - at one time Daedintun - means 'the place of the people of Daeda', who was probably an early Saxon lord. Since those times the parish has acquired a lot of interesting history. I have tried to assemble an archive of as much of it - written and verbal - as possible.

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December 2017

Rifle & Revolver Club. Its history since 1945 and its present activities can be found HERE . If you enter 'Rifle Club' in the DOL search box (see tab at top of page) you will find several photos in our Gallery and various references to it from before the First World War.

November 2017

The Royal British Legion Club Clock . No one knew where the clock that hung on the wall of the former club building came from. Rumour had it that it came from Aynho Halt Station when it closed. but it did not have 'GWR' stamped on it as a railway clock would. The answer may be more prosaic. The name FT Reid on its face is that of a Deddington Clock repairer (possibly maker as well) who lived in Deddington during WWI with a workshop at Wakehurst Cottage on Castle Street (nearly opposite entrance to the Castle Grounds)  and died here in 1948. He and his wife Flora (d.1957) are buried in the churchyard. He may have carried out major repairs - including a refurbsished face with his name on (!) as the clock itself is probably 19th C in origin

October 2017

Some new information that expands our knowledge of two interesting aspects of parish history has recently come to light:

Deddington Steamship Co. Sir Henry Samman (b.1849) a Deddington man moved to Hull where he founded his 19 ship company. There were two SS Deddingtons. We had a photograph of the first one when Jon Maling's article all about Henry and his company was published. Recently a Post card of the second SS Deddington was for sale online and so we now have its image too. There was an SS Clifton but not an SS Hempton for some reason.

The Royal British Legion building - The recent sale of the building has brought to light documents which shed further light on its history dating back to 1730 when it was owned by Zacharia and Ann Stilgoe. These have yet to be fully researched but we now know much more beyond the fact that it was at one time an Axle Tree factory.

25 July 1840. Sale of cottages in Philcock (sic) Street

a newspaper advertisement for the sale of three cottages  owned by John Stilgoe

September 2017

An addition to Oral History -Radio Oxford Interviews originally broadcast on 11 November 2011 to mark the publication of A Parish at War - speakers are: Michael Allbrook, Bill Cowley, Daphne Canning, Rob Forsyth, David Hood, Joyce Minnear, Len Plumbe and several Primary School children.

August 2017

Deddington men who died at Passchendaele. On 31 July, the 100th Anniversary of the battle that defined WWI, Radio Oxford and BBC TV South featured the lives and deaths of the Chislett and Hancox brothers.

July 2017 

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