Published Articles & Books

Rob Forsyth.
  • C1779 - extract from The "Modern Universal British Traveller". Authors Charles Burlington (England) David LLewellyn (Wales) and Alexander Murray (Scotland).

  • Early Victorian Deddington, as observed by Revd Cotton RisleyVicar of Deddington 1836-1848 by Geoffrey Smedley-Stevenson.

  • Historical Notices of the Parish of Deddington by E Marshall, published by North Oxon Archaeological Society, 1878.

  • A Supplement to Marshall's Deddington by W Wing reprinted from the Oxford Chronicle, 1879.

Editor's note: The above two documents and the Coggins scrapbooks below are available with a reader's ticket in the Bodleian Library.

  • George Coggins (1846-1920) Scrapbooks . These three scrapbooks in the Bodleian Library archives are packed full of items about Deddington. They have been carefully transcribed and recorded by David French (2020)

  • The Story of Deddington by Mary Vane Turner, 1933. This facsimile version of this book - long out of print - has been produced by the Deddington & District History Society.

  • Hostages To Fortune (article)by Elizabeth Cambridge, 1933, is a novel about a Doctor's wife describng her day-to-day life in a fictitious village which was, in fact, Deddington.

  • A History of Deddington, Oxfordshire by H M Colvin, 1963. A copy is available in Deddington library and second-hand copies can occasionally be found for sale on the internet.

  • Historic Towns in Oxfordshire - a survey of the New County edited by K Rodwell and published by the Oxfordshire Archaelological Unit, 1975, contains a chapter on Deddington. A copy is held in the library.

  • A History of the County of Oxford, Vol. 11, 1983, by Alan Crossley, A P Baggs, Christina Colvin, H M Colvin, Janet Cooper, C J Day, Nesta Selwyn and A Tomkinson (eds) includes a chapter on Deddington. This volume can now be read at the British History onLine website.

  • Matthew Bishop (pdf of the booklet) of Deddington in Oxfordshire - a forgotten voice from the 18th century. A fascinating account by Brian Carter (former Deddington resident) of a previously unknown Deddington resident as recounted in a book Mathew Bishop wrote about his life as an adventurer in the Army and Navy. The book can be read at the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies; follow the link above for more information on Brian's booklet.

  • Cardinal Newman used to walk from Oxford to Deddington to preach. Brian Carter has also published a booklet about him, details of which can be found via the link.

  • Printers and Publishers in Deddington 1840-2004 Another booklet by Brian Carter available from Deddington library.

  • Deddington in 1955. A collection of articles published in the Oxford Mail.

  • Traditional Domestic Architecture of the Banbury Region, by R B Wood Jones, Manchester University Press, 1963. An excellent guide to the local vernacular, referred to several times within this site as a source of information about Deddington houses such as Leaden Porch. A copy is held in the Oxfordshire Records Office.

  • Discovering Deddington. Published by Deddington Map Group in 2000 as a Millennium project. Copies obtainable from the Library.

  • A Diary of Daeda's Wood. (pdf of the book)Published in 2006 to mark its 10th anniversary, it describes the highlights of each year, with features on Daeda's flowers, butterflies, animals, birds and river, and plans for the future.

  • Deddington Ditties. Published in 2012 by John Cheney (1929-2013) who was a well-loved local poet, painter and frequenter of our hostelries. He put this collection of Deddington Ditties together in aid of Deddington Festival funds.

  • A Parish at War. (multiple pdfs of the book) A military history of three Oxfordshire villages, Deddington, Clifton and Hempton, by Michael Allbrook and Robert Forsyth. The result of four years' research from Waterloo to Afghanistan in 21st century, recording some 700 men and women who served in uniform and civilian organisations during wartime, 85 of whom died for their country. It provides a unique insight into the effect that war has on a small community. Copies can be borrowed or purchased from the Library, £10.

  • As I Remember. (large pdf of the book) Published 2013. The personal recollections of George Harris growing up in Clifton in the early 1930s. Copies can be borrowed or purchased from the Library, £10.

  • Not only the Good Boys by Jo Eames,2014, is a factional novel based on the true story of General Hobart (Hobo) who almost single handedly created the regiment and its special vehicles that enabled the landings on D-Day in  WWII to succeed. ISBN: 978-1-907672-04-0 Peach Pub Co Ltd (2014). Available from Deddington Library and Booksellers.

Other Sources

  • Deddington News has been published monthly ever since 1976 and contains a wealth of stories and information about contemporary Deddington with lots of well-researched articles about the past. Editions from 1976 to 2001 can be found in the archive, and later editions can be found on the Deddington News website. A very useful index of past articles up to 2007 by topic, painstakingly compiled by Sylvie Spenceley, can be downloaded (900Kb pdf) from this link.

  • Deddington Online. We recommend you browse our History index.

  • Links to other Oxfordshire History Societies, which may well have published information of interest and relevance to Deddington, can be found here