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The lives of Deddington people tell the history of this parish whether they were Lords of the Manor or those who more humbly toil. In this section we have gathered together a large number of profiles which can be found listed alphabetically below.

There are several sources for these profiles whose original authors we very gratefully acknowledge their permission to publish. Because they form collections in their own right we have also provided indeces to their articles in addition to placing them in the Index of Surnames

A number of families in the parish have strongly influenced the way it has developed, notably the Rev Cotton Risley and the Churchill, Stilgoe and Maling families. Rob Forsyth and Jon Malings have researched these and many more in some depth. Rob Forsyth (338384) would welcome information on other families.

Since its start in 1976 Deddington News has provided a unique record of life in our parish. From their pages Mary Robinson has collected a large number of obituaries originally published under the title ‘Well Remembered’, together with a short series of profiles written by Ruth Johnson and Bill Marshall. Bill's profiles, written in 1982 of old Deddingtonians who were then in their 80s and 90s (so born around the turn of the century), paint a picture of rural life we can hardly imagine today. Emma Ray, Herbie Callow and Eric Spencer are among these names. In total, about 100 names are now included (December 2017) and the list will be updated at the end of each year. If you think we have missed anyone, please let Mary Robinson know (338272).

Many of the texts are accompanied by photographs from Brian Carter’s valuable record of residents between about 2000 and 2010, and we are extremely grateful to him for making these pictures available.

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Deddington Families

Ruth Johnson's Profiles

Bill Marshall's Profiles

Don Walker's memories of Deddington

Other Sources

There is some overlap between this collection and other records of Deddington people across the years. See also: