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The memories of four Deddington boys and a girl...

...all of whom grew up at much the same time gives us a very complete picture of the working life of the parish in the 1930s and '40s

  • Sid Berry (1920-2006) conversation with Colin and Mary Robinson in 2005 provided an audio account (1'19" mp3 file)of many that existed before the war. From this account a list of the names and places has been compiled

  • Bernard Bowerman (1905- 89)

..wrote two articles in 1987 for the DN; the first in April was about Deddington and the second in May about Clifton where he lived. Bernard wrote several other articles about the parish which can be found in the Index to DN History articles.

  • Jim Yerbury (1926-2016)

...also provided many names in his 11 page reminiscences of 1930's Deddington

  • George Harris (b.1931) 

Georges' book As I Remember  can be borrowed from the library where it can also be purchased for £10 (profit to Friends of Deddington Library). In its 210 pages George provides, in extra-ordinary detail and anecdote, the story of his family growing up in Deddington from when he was born in 1931 through to when they emigrated as £10 'Poms' to Australia in 1969.

  • Daphne Harper (B.1937)

Daphne also walked the reader round Deddington and its shops in the 1940's via a number of articles originally written in 1993 for a WI writing competition and later re-published by Ruth Johnson in the Deddington News (Issues December 2008 through to April 2009). They are reproduced HERE as a facsimile pdf.

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