Natural History of Deddington by W Meagher

 Wendy Meagher

"These three chapters are samples taken from Walter L. Meagher’s Aspects of the Natural History of Deddington Parish, the publishing of which is a work in progress. Before Walter died, he had changed the text by drastically cutting it down, as he intended to publish booklets instead of a whole volume. However, before he died, we both agreed that it would be best for me to restore the text as more or less formerly written." May 2020

Editor: Walter's chapters can be read by clicking on the titles to read as pdfs. They give a taste of the parish treasures we have on our doorstep. There is a timelessness to them which will hopefully inspire readers to explore the areas described for themselves.

Chapter 6 Deddington Castle Grounds

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Chapter 11 Plantations Old and New

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Chapter 13 The 'Living Churchyard' of St Peter and St Paul

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