Rob Forsyth

Deddington Schools

Buffy Heywood's article provides an excellent summary of the history of schools in Deddington village.

Links to Primary School records held in the Parish Archive can be found HERE

Victoria County History of Deddington has a long section about our schools - see the section on Education 

David French's research into newspaper references to Deddington  includes an article about Deddington National Schools

An extract from School on the ground floor (published 1969) by JH Baker who was born in 1881 gives an early glimpse of Deddington and school life.

Jose Stevens made some notes about four private schools in the early 20th century

Windmill School 

This photograph of the whole school was taken in 1968. If you can identify yourself - click on the image above to get a larger image and then click on that again to get full size - please email me your location counting from left or right!

There are more images in the Windmill School album in the Gallery

Clifton School

The school existed from 1870 to 1945. More about its history can be found HERE

Hempton School

Victoria Country History (VCH) refers to the Rev Cotton Risley paying a school mistress in 1841 and surmises she may have been a Sunday School teacher. However, as his two diary entries referring to meeting the headmistress were on weekdays, it suggests school.

Saturday 27 August 1842  "...I walked to Hempton to be present at a treat of Cake tea to be given to our school children there - 32 in number.."

Wednesday 6 December 1843 "...the Hempton schoolmistress also called."

VCH tells that by 1851 there were sufficient children to justify adding a schoolroom  to the newly built Church for 40 - 50 pupils and by 1911 Hempton children were being taught in Deddington or Barford.

It is still in use as a meeting room today.