The Hollier family

The following information has been kindly provided by Michael Hollier of South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

"On 29 September 1708 Ann Stillgoe married William Hollier in St Peter and St Paul's church, Deddington.  Both were of the Parish of Deddington.  Ann was the daughter of Zachariah and Ann Stillgoe (nee Smyth).  Ann Smith/Smyth was the daughter of Timothy Smith/Smyth of Deddington and his wife Ann (nee Templer). Ann Templer was the daughter of Jonas and Joanne Templer of Wooton by Woodstock. Zachariah had married Ann Smith/Smyth in 1676 in Banbury, in the same place and on the same day as her father Timothy married Dinah, his second wife. William was the son of John and Mary Hollier (maiden name unknown).  John’s family had been in the parish since at least the 1640s and he was the third of that name, whom have been identified to date.  In the late 18th century part of the Hollier family moved south in Oxfordshire to South Weston and on to Lewknor and probably Sydenham.

William and Ann Hollier had amongst their children a son who was christened William in St Peter and St Paul's church, Deddington on 18 May 1720.  This William married on 13 February 1741/2 in St Peter and St Paul's church, Deddington Martha Coles but ultimately they were both buried in Lewknor in 1786 and 1788 respectively and were buried in St Margaret’s church.  Their movement from Deddington to Lewknor has been traced and sourced by Mr Peter Walker who has undertaken extensive research for many years on the family name.  William and Martha’s grandson John was christened in St Margaret’s church, Lewknor on 21 September 1813.  In the 1841 census John was recorded as living with his maternal grandfather in Lewknor.  However in February 1844 John arrived in Melbourne, Victoria on the ship 'Wallace'.*  On the same ship was an Eden Hollier with his wife Mary and a daughter Martha who were all from Sydenham.  It is assumed that Eden and John were cousins but this has not been sourced as yet.

In 1852 in Melbourne, John married a widow by the name of Catherine Palmer (nee Pringle) and their grandson, John William Hollier, who was born at Sandridge in Victoria in 1882 moved as a very young man to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia at the time of a major gold rush in the 1890s.  John William married in Boulder, which is near Kalgoorlie, in 1905 but by 1909 he and his wife Rose Ellen were living near Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.  John and Rose were the grandparents of the writer, who in recent years has moved from Perth, Western Australia to Hobart, Tasmania."

 The Family Tree can be found HERE

* This is after Deddington Tasmania first appears on land grants (1823) so the Hollier family are not the source of the Tasmanian Deddington.

Alfred Stilgoe's silver watch

Gayle Tregoning (née Stilgoe) of Como, NSW, Australia attached a photograph of a silver watch to her family tree on the website stating that the watch belonged to Alfred Stilgoe of Meriden (1881-1943) descended from John Stilgoe of Adderbury (1733-1810). John was a grandson of Hugh Stilgoe of Deddington(1666-1737. Gayle says she discovered the photograph posted on the family tree of Sharon Besanko who appears from her tree to be Alfred's G Grandaughter.  The watch now belongs to Alfred's grandson Dennis. Ancestry also contains a family tree compiled by Philip Stilgoe (unidentified). Using this it would seem that Alfred's male descendant tree looks like this:

Zachariah Stilgoe (1600?-99) . Mary (d.1651)

   Hugh (d.1709)

      Hugh (1666-1737)

          Hugh (1698-1771)

               John (1733-1810)

                    William (1781-1853) m Mary Stilgoe (1780-1860)

                          Thomas (1816-94)

                                Henry Stilgoe (1848-1922)

                                     Alfred Stilgoe (1881-1943)


Alfred is listed in the 1911 census HERE