Bernard Bowerman's memories


 "I was born at Aynho Station which is situated on the borders of Northants alongside the old Great Western Railway, now BR*, and the Oxford canal.It consists of four cottages and a pub....on July 18, 1905".

So begins Bernard's account (*written in 1988/89) of life in this area in the early 20th century contained in what he called his 'Red Book' and whose individual chapters (pdfs) are listed below


Deddington News

Bernard also wrote quite a few articles for the Deddington News drawing on those in his Red Book which can be found under the subject heading of 'Deddington Past' in this DN Index of articles.

This one in the December 1987 edition about Cart Horses is not listed  Jumbo, Bob & Uncle

In the folder in which the contents of his Red Book are contained in The Parish Archive there are also two draft articles with handwritten notes by Angela Stone (joint DN editor with husband Norman) who typed up Bernard's articles. Both seemed destined for the DN but do not seem to have been published so they are reproduced here (pdfs)

Bernard's Obituary

by the Editors of the Deddington News together with a Banbury Guardian article written only four months before he died can be read HERE.