Zachariah Stilgoe's Brass Tobacco Box 

This artifact belonged to the Zachariah Stilgoe (1600?-69) whose name sits at the top of the Family Tree                                                                                                                                                                                      "....there is an interesting relic in the possession of the family, which shows the name was prized. It is a brass tobacco box, engraved on one side with the Stilgoe family Coat of Arms, the initials 'Z.S.' one letter on either side of the Crest, and the date 1668. On the other side of the box is engraved the legend, This box is bequeathed to him whose name is Zach : Stilgoe for ever." - (words of HES in MV-T's book)

The box is now in the possession of Richard Stilgoe who says  "On the front is a coat of arms with the shield upside down. This has no significance – it is not a reference to incompetence or cowardice in battle, merely a mistake by the engraver. But the important inscription is on the back: The engraving reads “This box is bequeath’d to him whose name is Zach. Stilgoe for ever”.  (The abbreviation Zach. Gives us the freedom not to bother  distinguishing between Zachariahs and Zacharys).  The “for ever” has meant that there has almost always been a Zachary or a Zachariah Stilgoe since that time.  The current Zachary is my five-year old grandson."

Zachary Stilgoe's Silver watch

A pair cased watch by Tobias Gilks who was a Clockmaker of Chipping Norton. The watch belonged to Zachary Stilgoe (1717-48/49)  The outer case is engraved 'Z.S. Dadington 1742'.

More about Tobias Gilks and other Clockmakers such as The Fardon family of Deddington can be found HERE

Apple Corer
       Belonging to Zachary Stilgoe (1717-48/49)
"apples were much softer than they are to-day and people's teeth more sparse as they got older, so the apple corer was used to dig out a small piece of apple, which could then be chewed by the remaining teeth, or between the gums if there were not any teeth." (AS)


 Alfred Stilgoe Silver Watch


This watch is a late 19 Century day/date/stop watch. It was found on the internet stating that it belonged to Alfred Stilgoe of Meriden (1881-1943) descended from John Stilgoe of Adderbury (1733-1810) who was a grandson of Hugh Stilgoe of Deddington (1666-1737) It was attached to a family tree on by Gayle Stilgoe of Como, NSW, Australia (see Australian Descendants)