Thomas Gibbs (1832-1910)

In the 1841 Census Thomas is 9 years old. In the 1851 Census, as the eldest son, aged 19, he is no longer living at the family home. Thomas is found as a Grocers Assistant in Queen Street, St Martins, Oxford, working for John W Hayle.

Thomas married Sarah Taylor on November 1st,1859, (aged 27) and they were living in Hornton, Oxfordshire. at the time of the marriage. Although, in 1851, we can find the Taylor family living next door to the Gibbs in Deddington. Thomas is employed as a County Policeman*. Thomas's father William is described as a Smith and Sarah's father William Taylor is a Stonemason. The marriage was witnessed by William and Charlotte Nash  Further research shows that William Nash also is a County Policeman living in Hornton.

1861 Census, he is in Dunstable Road, Chalgrave, Woburn, Bedfordshire. Thomas is married to Sarah, and has a son, Edward b. 1861, and Thomas is employed as a Policeman. He is placed at Shrivenham, Faringdon in 1865. However, his employment does not run smoothly, as on the 30th April 1866, he is fined 5/- for being absent* at a conference point, then again in October, fined 7/6d. He is placed at Greenham, Newbury in 1867 then the same absenteeism on 13 May 1867. (* documents published courtesy of Berkshire records office).
1871 Census
Thomas Gibbs and Sarah have moved again, and are living in Smith Buildings, Greenham, Berkshire. Thomas is still a Policeman. His son Edward is not mentioned, but has Ralph 9, Arthur 6, and Sidney 3, but then on 6 February 1871 he forfeits a days pay again for the same reason as before. He is placed at Shefford, Newbury in 1872, then on the 17 February 1872 is fined 5/- and placed at the bottom of the list of 2nd class Constables, then finally dismissed.
, Thomas has moved back to his home town of Deddington in New Street, and has children William R (R for Ralph?) b. 1863, Arthur b.1865, Sydney b,1868. Thomas is employed as a General Labourer.
, we find Thomas, Sarah, and William R, still at New Street. Thomas is employed as a General Labourer.
, Thomas is a widower, and is an allotment holder, whilst Ralph is a Roadman. Thomas died in 1910.
1911 Census
, William Ralph Gibbs, is living in Satin Lane, Deddington a Roadman and Casual Labourer working part time, is classed as a 'British Subject by Parentage'.

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     2.Thomas b.1832 d. 1910                                                                         
        + Sarah Taylor m.1 Nov 1859 d.1896.
            3.Edward b.1860 d.1866
            3.William Ralph b.1863 d.11 Nov 1949 (Deddington). Left a Will            
            3.Arthur b. 1865 d.1974
            3.Sydney b. 1868 d.1948
               + Annie Baughan b.1877
                  4. Arthur b.1895
                  4.Margaret b.1897
                  4.Herbert b.1900
                  4.Dorothy b.1904
                  4.Richard b.1909
                  4.John b.1911

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Ellen Jane
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