Joshua Gibbs (1835-1906)

1841 In the census for William Gibbs family we can see that Joshua at 5 years old, is living in Pilcock Street Deddington.
1851 aged 15, he is an errand boy.
1859 Joshua married Ann Shaylor.
1861 they are living in New Street, Deddington, and he is a Boot Maker employing one man. He has a son Robert aged 1.
1871 still in New Street, Deddington, Joshua is now a Master Shoe Maker employing one man. The family has grown, and the children are, Robert 11, Kate 9, Letitia 7, Emily 5, Louisa 1.
1881 Joshua is still a shoemaker, but Robert and Kate and Emily are not mentioned, but there is Letitia 17 a domestic servant, Louisa 11, Joseph 7, Charles 5, Adelaide 3.
1891 there is a sudden change, although still in New Street,  as Joshua has now become a Stationer and General Store Dealer. The family size has shrunk as there is now only Charles 14, and Adelaide 13, with Ann and Joshua.


Joshua in front of his shop (above)  and the shop itself (r) - now an Indian Restaurant.   

 Photographs, courtesy of a family member, taken circa 1900.


1901 Joshua is still a Stationer and shopkeeper. Adelaide 23 is still at home.
Joshua Gibbs died in Deddington, as a Stationer and General Dealer, leaving £465 to Ann, Adelaide and Joseph William French assistant overseer. In Joshua's will he names his children as 1) Robert Gibbs, 2) Kate Gibbs wife of William Peacock, 3) Letitia Gibbs wife of Arthur James Liddell, 4) Emily Gibbs* wife of Joseph William French (Executor), 5) Louisa Gibbs wife of Albert Jesse Gulliver, 6) Joseph# William Gibbs, 7) Charles Gibbs, 8) Adelaide Gibbs (Executor). He also states that whereas he owns the shop and property in New Street Deddington, that he also owns four other cottages in Earls Lane Deddington recently purchased from Mr Fitzroy Dean Hore. This may have been an impulse purchase knowing he was close to death, with the intention of investment growth from rental payments from tenants.


* William French (back r) and Emily French née Gibbs (front l) with James and Anne Walter at the Orchards, date unknown. More photographs of Emily and her husband can be seen in the French & Hopcraft album in the Gallery (Editor)


# The 1911 census shows Joseph living next to the Congregational Church in what is now called The Old Bakery, as a Cycle Agent and Decorator, following the death of his first wife, Anne Marlow, with whom he had two daughters, Edith (b.1897) and May (b.1900). A school photograph shows her in the front row holding a board which sadly cannot be read. It is not Deddington School so must have been taken before they came to the village. Joseph married for a second time and died in 1926.(Editor)

In 1911 Joshua is no longer shown, but Ann is shown as the shopkeeper (the word 'Fancy' has been penciled in), with Adelaide 33 as a worker at home. The census record states that 10 children were born, with 7 surviving (Actually 8!) and 3 that have died.

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      2.Joshua b.1835 d.1906 (Deddington)
       + Anne Shaylor m.1859 d.1915 (Deddington)
           3.Robert b.1860 d.possibly 1906 in Banbury but unverified
              + Martha Keating b.1859 Ireland m.1883 Woolwich
           3.Kate b.1862 d.20 Nov 1946
              + William Peacock
           3.Letitia b.1864 d.1949
             + Arthur James Liddell
           3.Emily b.1866 d.4 March 1966 (Deddington)
              + Joseph William French
           3.Walter b.1868 d.1868
           3.Louisa b.1870 d.1952
              + Albert Jesse Gulliver
           3.Joseph William b.1874 d.6 August 1926 (Deddington)
              + Annie Marlow
                  4.Edith b.1897 d.1962
                     + William Miller
                         5. Muriel
                             + ???? Dukes
                                 6. Catherine
                         5. Geoffrey
                         5. Philip
                         5. William (known as Graham)
                   4.May b.1900
           3.Charles b.1876 d.7 Dec 1957
               + Edith Watson
           3.Adelaide b.1878 d.possibly 1962 - unverified

Thomas 1832-1910
Charles 1834-1916
Joshua 1835-1916
Ellen Jane
Elizabeth 1839-1894?
Ann 1844-1919

Ellen Jane*



Caleb 1852-1939
Frederick William 1856-1934