Samuel Gibbs (1850-1935) is found in the 1881 Census as married to Emma Butwell (b.1848) from North Aston, Oxfordshire.They have children Walter b.1877, and Frank b.1879.

November 30th,1875, married in St Mary's of North Aston. Witnessed by Caleb Butwell and Sarah Westcar. Samuel is a Shoe Maker. Emma's father or his profession are not mentioned, only that he is deceased. Samuels father William is titled a Tradesman.

1848 Emma was born in North Aston, and her parents are John Butwell and Mary French. They married in 1847, 3 August in North Aston, The witnesses are Jesse and Emma French. John is dead by Oct 1850. The death record is under the name Buttwell (two 't's). Emma Butwell would be just 2 by the time of his death. So she probably she wouldn't have known much about him. Mary French later remarries in Banbury in 1856 to Ephraim Stevenson. In the marriage records in the parish registers for 1847 John Butwell is described as from Somerton son of James, a Labourer. Mary is daughter of Simon French a Butcher.

In 1891 Frank is shown as the only son living with the Gibbs family, he is 12. We can find Walter in 1891 working as an apprenticed Plasterer, living with his Grandmother Mary Stevenson in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Sadly though Walter, we find, has died in 1892 in Clitheroe, aged 15.

In 1901, Frank is a Policeman, living in a boarding house in Crosscliffe Street, Moss Side, Manchester, Lancashire.

In 1911 Frank is married to Ada Deakin (Married 1903) from Clapham, London. They have a son Walter, aged 6 and a daughter Frances Ada who is a few months old. Frank is a Police Constable in the Lancashire Constabulary.    In 1901 and 1911, Samuel and Emma live alone. Emma died on the 12 March 1913, aged 65.  

On July 8th, 1914, Samuel remarried, aged 64, to Ellen Satchell, aged 50. Her father Daniel Satchell (deceased) was a Shepherd. The marriage is witnessed by Daniel Satchell and Sybil Alice Satchell.

Samuel died on the 10th January 1935, in Deddington, aged 85, dying of Bronchio Pneumonia, and Myocardial Degeneration, Mitral Disease (Heart failiure). He left a will leaving everything to Ellen, in turn to Frank, and then to Franks wife Ada.

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      2. Samuel(2) b.1850 d.10 Jan 1935 (Samuel & Emma are buried in Deddington)
          + Emma Butwell b.1848 m.30 Nov 1875 d.1913
              3.Walter b.1877 d.1892 in Clitheroe
              3.Frank b.1879 d. 1963 (Deddington)
                + Ada Deakin m.1903
                   4.Walter b.1905
                   4.Doris b.1906 d.1908
                   4.Alice b. 1906
                      +Henry Arthur Tustian b.1897 m.1929
                   4.Frances Ada b.1911
                      + Percy Tustian (brother to Henry Arthur)b.1901 m.1929
                         5.Kenneth b.1946 d.1964 (motor cycle accident)
                           + Ellen Satchell b. 1864 m. 8 July 1914

Thomas 1832-1910
Charles 1834-1916
Joshua 1835-1916
Ellen Jane
Elizabeth 1839-1894?
Ann 1844-1919

Ellen Jane*



Caleb 1852-1939
Frederick William 1856-1934