Ann Gibbs (1844-1919)

1851 aged 6 in the  Census, is living in Earls Lane, and is a scholar.
aged 16, we find she is working as a House Servant in Putney, (placed in the county of Surrey, until 1889, when it was attributed to the County of London, then Greater London in 1965), at 2 Thomas Place. the home of John William Carr, a Commercial Clerk. Next door working in the House of Richard Aviss, retired builder, is Ann's sister Elizabeth Gibbs working as a House Servant, they seem to have managed to find employment close to each other, ideal for looking out for one another.
  Ann has returned home to Deddington, address is 'Bottom of Town' aged 26, and is with William and Charlotte, younger siblings Samuel 21, (Shoe maker), Frederick William 15, and married sister Ellen J Elliott 24, and her son Ernest 2. There must have been some sense of celebration, as this is the same year that Ann marries Joseph Allen. They married at the register office in Oxford, 31st May 1871, both living at the same address of 4 Gas Street, St Ebbes. Ann is 27, a Domestic Servant, and Joseph is 28, a (Stone) Mason, his father is William Allen a Labourer, and her father William Gibbs is a Smith. The witnesses to the marriage are Emma King, and George Habbin.
Census Ann and Joseph Allen live in Deddington, and Joseph is employed as a Mason Journeyman, and they have three boys, Sidney 8, Herbert 7, and Jesse 3. They live in Philcock Street. They live next door to Henry Gibbs, Widower aged 69, but we are not aware of any family connection to him.
1891, the Allen family are living in Oxford Road, Deddington, with son Jesse 13, and daughter Ruth 9. Mother-in-law Charlotte Gibbs lives close by as a Widow aged 80. She does not own the property so is a lodger.
1901 Joseph and Ann live in St Thomas, Deddington, Joseph is still a Stone Mason.
1911 Joseph and Ann are living alone, with Joseph still employed as a Stone Mason, the address given is Castle Lodge, Deddington. This is the year that Joseph died aged 69.
1919 Ann Allen died aged 75 in Deddington.

Ann's children

Sydney (1873-1923)
In 1891we find him in London as a Drapers Assistant, living at 5 Harewood Street, Marylebone, although the Census transcriber has him as being from Teddington, Oxfordshire, by mistake!
1901 He lives at Wakehurst Road Battersea, with Wife Ada Jemima (Nee Fairman), they married in 1899, in Wandsworth, and daughter Annie Carolina, of 1 years old and Edith M Luke 3 months old, a neice.  He is a House Decorator.
1911, he lives at 59 Dinsmore Road, Balham, London, with Ada and Annie. He is a Builders Foreman.
1923 Sydney died in Wandsworth, London aged 50.

Herbert Allen (1874-1914)
In 1891 he is a confectioners apprentice at the shop of Frederick Gibbs at 120, Marlborough Rd, Oxford. Herbert married Louisa Jane Keen in 1898, aged 24.
1901, Herbert and Jane (2nd name is used) live in New Street, Deddington, and run a Bakery and shop, with Arthur 2, and Edith 8 months, sadly Edith died in her first year.
1911, Herbert is a Journeyman Baker living at 21 Westmead Terrace, Springfield Rd, Windsor, and the family include wife (Louisa) Jane, Arthur 11, Mabel 8, Ethel 5.
1914 Herbert died in Warwickshire.

Jesse Allen (1877-1943)
In 1901 Jesse can be found  aged 22, living with Caleb and Jane Gibbs, in 'Lock side' Tipton, Staffordshire, as a Nephew. Along with Caleb who is a Railway Signalman, Jesse works on the Railway as a 'Shunter'. He married Isobella Stanley in 1904 in Dudley.
1911, his address is 11 Waterloo Street, Tipton. His occupation is Horse Shunter, and has children, Ruth 5, Thomas 3, Horace 1.
1943 He died in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.

Ruth Allen (1882-1948)
1901 she is found working in service in Putney, London, for the house of William John Lancaster, widow, living on own means. Ruth is employed as a sewing maid. There is also another servant from Deddington, Ella L Parish, both Ella and Ruth are 19, so like Anne and Elizabeth Gibbs previously, they are probably supporting each other.
1911, Ruth is found in the House of Albert J Gulliver, a farmer, Helmdon, Northamptonshire. Ruth is a visitor, Alberts wife Louisa is also from Deddington. Ruth married Walter Knibbs in 1920.
1948 She died in Banbury.

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     2. Ann b.1844 d.30 September 1919 (Deddington)
         + Joseph Allen b.1842 d.1911
             3.Sydney b.1873 d.1923
             3.Herbert b.1874 d.????
             3.Jesse b.1877 d.1943
             3.Ruth b.1882 d.29 October 1948
               + Walter Knibbs of Clifton
                   4.Florence b.1922 d.1985
                   4.Alfred b.1924 d.2004

Thomas 1832-1910
Charles 1834-1916
Joshua 1835-1916
Ellen Jane
Elizabeth 1839-1894?
Ann 1844-1919

Ellen Jane*



Caleb 1852-1939
Frederick William 1856-1934