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Contents listing for the main articles in 224

Issue 29 Addendum et Erratum
Issue 29 September 2007
Deddington's big country fair 2
Research: using the Cartwright archive: Jill Adams 4
Issue 28 September 2006
Who was Piers Gaveston? Dr John Maddicott 1
The Deddington School records. Colin Cohen 4
Issue 27 June 2006
Discovering experiences of motherhood in Oxfordshire c1945-1970: an oral history approach: Angela Davis 1
Issue 26 March 2006
Twenty-four square miles (1946): Colin Cohen. Click HERE to access the book Country planning (1944) on which the film was based.
Issue 25 January 2006
William Cotton Risley, vicar and diarist: Geoffrey Smedley Stevenson 1
The Deddington family history group: Moira Byast 4
Issue 24 October 2005
Portrait of a river: the River Swere project : Walter Meagher and Peter Sheasby 1
Daeda comes of age: Sylvie Nickels 1
Issue 23 August 2005
The 1942 Barford census and 'War Books' a unique record? Part 2: Colin Cohen 1
D&DHS Family research group: Moira Byast 4
Issue 22 March 2005
An old print rediscovered: Norman Stone 1
The 1942 Barford census and 'War Books' a unique record? Part 1: Colin Cohen 2
Family research, Moira Byast 4
Issue 21 December 2004
Leadenporch House: Jo Eames 1
What's in a name? Barford St Michael 4
Issue XX September 2004
The Oxfordshire ironstone enquiry of 1960: Colin Cohen
see also:
Issue 19 July 2004
Sixty years of village chapels: Alan Maddison 1
Issue 18 March 2004
Using local resources for family research: Moira Byast 1
Deddington in the year 1623: Moira Byast 3
Issue 17 December 2003
Utility furniture: Marianne Elsley 1
Cheney's of Banbury and the Rusher types: Colin Cohen 3
The Friends over sixty years; correction 3
Issue 16 September 2003
The Friends over sixty years: Alan Maddison 1
Deddington in old photographs: Buffy Heywood 3
Issue 15 July 2003
Fortnam versus Fortnam: the story of a marriage breakdown in Geogian Oxfordshire: Pamela Horn 2
Issue 14 March 2003
Dating hedges in the parish of Deddington: Walter L Meagher 1
The railways of north Oxfordshire; meeting report: Laurence Walters 4
Issue 13 December 2002
Deddington and district in postcards: Norman Stone and Moira Byast 1
Great Tew and the tew Estate: Chris Day 6
Issue 12 September 2002
The Deddington area in historical records: Chris Day 1
Researching house history, the Old Vicarage, Barford St Michael: Colin Cohen 2
Issue 11 July 2002
The Deddington area in historical records: Chris Day 1
1952-2002: The Golden Jubilee, three memories of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II 2
Deddington House (the Manor), pt 2: Buffy Heywood 3
Issue 10 March 2002
Deddington House (the Manor), pt 1: Buffy Heywood 1
The death of King George VI 4
Issue 9 December 2001
Mapping changing Deddington: Chris Day 1
Report of the Commission on the employment of children and women in agriculture, 1867: Chris Day 7
Issue 8 September 2001
Sir Frederick Morton Eden's State of the poor: Chris Day 1
Some tribulations for Methodists 3
Issue 7 June 2001
Aynhoe Park: Nick Allen, meeting report 1
Deddington's Titanic survivor 2
Issue 6 March 2001
The Pudding pie Fair 1
Oxfordshire at war: Dr Malcolm Graham, meeting report 2
John Fardon, Deddington clockmaker 3
Issue 5 December 2000
Clifton Mill, pt 2: Dr Alison Maguire 1
Issue 4 September 2000
Clifton Mill, pt 2: Dr Alison Maguire 1
Cookery class: Rhoda Woodward 4
Issue 3 June 2000
Clifton Mill, pt 1: Dr Alison Maguire 1
John Minchin of Clifton, miller. Chris Day 3
Issue 2 March 2000
Why 224? 1
Deddington Castle: Trevor Rowley, meeting report 2
Poetry and prunes: Sue Shattock 2
The Wills and inventories Group 3
Issue 1 October 1999
The Deddington & District History Society: what it's for 1
Deddington paper-mill, pt 1: Frances Wakeman 4

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