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Deddington Cricket Club existed as long ago as the 19th Century as this extract from the North Oxford Monthly Times of 6 May 1851 shows.

The club is also regularly mentioned in the Reverend Cotton Risley's diaries. Following an enquiry from Leamington Cricket Club about a match between their team and Deddington, Buffy Heywood of The Manor, who researched his diaries in the Bodleian Library for many years for the Deddington News, supplied the  extracts below





1837: I went to the Castle to look at the Cricket Ground.

25 August  1840: A cricket match took place in the Castle today between Deddington & Banbury  - the Banbury people were the winners – by a very considerable number of runs. The two parties dined together at the King's Arms afterwards.

(Two extracts from North Oxfordshire Monthly Times, 4th September 1849: (late season) cricket practice in the Park Ground lent by Risley – thus “not quite an extinct sport in Deddington”); 10th December 1849: Cricket match – unseasonally – at Barton between Sandford Park and Deddington. A further match took place a fortnight later in the Park Ground at Deddington.)

15 May 1851: Sent a note to Mr. Sandon about our boys and the Cricket Club – Holford to be a patron, the others subscribers.

5 June 1851: Mr. Landon borrowed the Big Roll for the Cricket Ground. (From NOMT: During the first match at the Castle Ground H. Churchill’s* side versus Mr. Landon’s, Robert (Risley’s youngest son) played. Scoring 2 and 2.)

16 July 1851: A cricket match between Deddington & Barton took place on the Castle Ground – Deddington was victorious.

12 August 1857: Willy went to play cricket with the school children. My brother John and I walked up to see the school children practise at cricket, in Hatten’s field (Hatten was Landlord of the King's Arms.)

19 July 1859: The Reading Room had a Tea festival and cricket in our Park this afternoon.

12 August 1859: I called at the Butcher’s & E. Bennett’s to ask him to Umpire tomorrow in the Cricket Match with Radley.

20 August 1860: The Dowager LDY Cartwright, & Lady Elizabeth, came on the Cricket Ground this afternoon.

31 August 1860: The Ball last night was a great success – 114 persons were present at it. The Tetsworth Club came to play the return match and were victorious over us.

29 August 1864: Our Annual Cricket Dinner took place on the Castle Ground.

4 September 1865: Our Annual Cricket Dinner took place after croquet and a little cricket – between 30 & 40 persons present.

* This is Holford, Rev Risley's eldest son, who continued to take an interest in the club. He was President in 1880 as this invoice for payment of subscription below shows - with thanks to Andrew Jacob who supplied the image.



George Coggin's scrapbooks which are archived in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, contain numerous press cuttings about the Club in the period 1878-86. It clearly had a very active fixture list.

Batting & bowling details for a match played against Free Foresters on 6 September 1888 were published in  Cricket: A Weekly Record of the game. No doubt other matches were similarly recorded.

Cricket Team 1999
The club was re-formed in the mid-1980s by a group of like-minded cricketers then playing for a variety of clubs in surrounding Oxfordshire villages. They felt that Deddington was big enough to support a cricket club. The original pitch was the old Windmill school pitch and from humble beginnings the club steadily grew. By the early 1990s the pitch had been moved due to house building on the original site, and Deddington CC had established itself in the Senior section of the Oxfordshire Cricket Association.