Tenants of the Stilgoe brothers - c.1808

This list is taken from a single sheet document "An account of land belonging to Henry, Nathaniel and Zachariah Stilgoe lying in the Parish of Deddington".

Consult the original document, (a PDF, 444Kb.) or the transcription (a PDF, 344 Kb.) to see more details of the properties, including size, annual value, Poor rates, Church rates and Land tax.

Wm. Bennett – tenant of a Cottage and Garden

John Brain  - tenant of a house garden and orchard

F Burcows? (sharing with Widow Irons)  - tenant of a cottage and garden

Mr. Cartwright – former owner of a house, garden, orchard

Sarah Coles – former Dutchy Copyholder of ½ yardland

Wm. Coles – tenant of a cottage and Garden

John French – tenant of a cottage and Garden

Josiah French – tenant of a cottage and Garden

Widow Irons (sharing with F Burcows?)  - tenant of a cottage and garden

Jn. Laud – tenant of 6¾ acres formerly owned by Sarah Coles

Jn. Laud – tenant of a house and premises, orchard and garden

Henry Stilgoe - brothers

Nathaniel Stilgoe – brothers

Zacharia Stilgoe - brothers

Thos. Taylor – (Former owner?) freehold allotments for odd Lands
        (A Mr Taylor is a 
Quality Surveyor in the 1807 Quality Book)

(Samael) Westcar – former owner of an allotment (14 acres) for one yardland