Post Office, Money Order Office and Savings Bank: John Whetton, Postmaster.

Public Establishments:

  Society for the Prosecution of Felons: Henry Churchill, solicitor

  Deddington, Heyford and Aston Benefit Building Society: C. D. Faulkner, solicitor

   Inland Revenue Office, King’s Arms, James Williams, officer

   Constabulary Station, Joseph Bowen, inspector

   Stamp Officer, Market Place, W. John Rose, sub-distributor

   United Kingdom Telegraph Co., Joseph Gibbs, agent

    Deddington or Sixth Division of Oxford Rifle Volunteers, T. R.B.L.M. Cartwright, lieutenant ; Henry Churchill, ensign ; J. T. Morris, M.D., hon. Assistant surgeon. 

Public Officers :

  Coroner for Northern District of Oxford, Henry Churchill

   Clerk to Deputy Lieutenant, to Magistrates of Deddington, and Banbury and to Trustees of Aynho, Bicester and Oxford Turnpike roads, Henry Churchill

   Commissioners in Chancery, and all other Law Courts, H. Churchill and T.E. Kinch

   Perpetual Commissioner for Receiving Acknowledgments of Married Women, T.E. Kinch.

   High Bailiff, Alban Samman.

   Medical Officer to First District of Deddington, E.W.Turner.

   Medical Officer to No. 2 District of Deddington, J.T. Morris.  

Calcutt Mr. John, New street 

Churchill Henry, Esq., Market place 

Faulkner Charles, Esq. FSA. FGS., New street 

Field Samuel, Esq., Market place 

Freeman William, Esq., Goose green 

Parker Rev. Obed, Independent, Horsefair 

Risley Holford Cotton, Esq. JP., New street 

Risley Rev. William Cotton, MA. JP., New street 

Turner Rev.

Turner Edward William, Esq., The Green 

Austin Frederick, farmer, New street 

Austin Thomas, King's Arms commercial inn and posting house, and farmer, Inland Revenue office, Horsefair 

Baker John, plasterer, Philcot street 

Beach James, shopkeeper, Castle street 

Bennett Samuel, baker, Market place 

Bennett Elias, baker and farmer, New st 

Boyles Thomas, Horseshoes, and blacksmith 

Brotherton Mary Ann, milliner and dress maker, New street

Brotherton William, mason, New street 

Bryan Richard, watch and clock maker, New street 

Busby John, carpenter and wheelwright, New street 

Busby William, shopkeeper, Sattin lane 

Calcutt John, auctioneer, New street 

Carr Wm. Munton, chemist and druggist, Market place 

Churchill Charles, butcher and grocer, Market place 

Churchill Henry, builder, New street 

Churchill Henry, solicitor, commissioner in chancery and all other law courts, clerk to magistrates of Banbury and Deddington, Market place 

Cleaver George, shopkeeper, New street 

Coggins John, shopkeeper, Goose green 

Coleman Charles, Exhibition, Horsefair 

Course Joseph miller, Deddington mill 

Dawes James, tailor, Castle street 

Dean Edmund, farmer, 

Dean Henry, farmer, Earl's farm 

Dean Samuel, yeoman, Market place 

Faulkner C. Duffield, solicitor to the Deddington, Heyford and Aston Benefit Building Society, Hudson street 

Ford Hannah, straw bonnet maker, Philcot street 

Franklin Robert, builder, Castle street 

Franklin Stephen, draper, New street 

French John, farmer, Clifton road 

French Henry, carrier, Philcot street 

French William, mealman, Castle street 

Gibbs Joshua, boot and shoemaker, New street

Gulliver Frederick, farmer and glazier, Leaden Porch house, New street 

Hands James, miller, New street 

Heritage Richard, patten and clog maker, Castle street 

Hopcraft James, brickmaker 

Hopcraft John, builder and brickmaker, New street 

Hopcraft Abel, baker butcher & grocer, New street 

Kinch Thomas Edoe, solicitor, perpetual commissioner and commissioner in chancery and all other law courts, New street 

Malins Mr., farmer, Castle farm 

McColl John, day school, Castle street 

Malins John, boot and shoemaker, Philcot street 

Margetts Edward, wholesale and retail grocer, Market place 

Margetts Henry, wine & spirit merchant, Castle street 

Mason Joseph & Samuel, patent axletree manufacturers, New street 

Mason Joseph, farrier, New street 

Matthews James, beer retailer, Market place

Matthews Mrs., Plough inn, New street 

Merry Nathan, baker, Castle street 

Morris John Thomas, MD., New street 

Mullis Henry, saddler & harness maker, Market place 

Osborne Thomas, plumber, painter and glazier, New street 

Painter Joseph, farmer 

Parker Misses, ladies school, Horsefair 

Petty Thomas, chemist and druggist, New street 

Power William, cooper, New street 

Roberts Thomas, baker and shopkeeper, New street 

Robinson John, draper, grocer & butcher, New street 

Rogers William, saddler & harness maker, Hudson street 

Rose John, ironmonger, New street 

Rutter Sarah, beer retailer, Goose green 

Samman Alban, linen and woollen draper and tailor, Market place

Scroggs John, auctioneer, maltster and corn factor, Horsefair 

Slatter John, farmer, Ilbury farm 

Sturch Henry Edmund, Crown and Tuns, New street 

Taylor Mrs., hairdresser, New street 

Townsend W., grocer 

Tucker Elisha Frederick, grocer and provision dealer, Market place 

Turner Edward William, surgeon and medical officer of No 1 Deddington district of Woodstock union, The Green 

Ward John, Unicorn hotel 

Wells Eliza, grocer, Philcot street 

Whetton William and David, farmers, Goose green 

Whetton John, baker draper & stationer, Market place 

Whetton Robert, farmer, Philcot street 

Woolgrove Jonathan, bootmaker, New st.

Woolgrove Joseph, baker, New street


Coggins Edward, cattle dealer and farmer 

Coggins James, wheelwright, The Plough inn 

Davis John, farmer 

Parish William, farmer


Elston William, farmer 

French William, shoemaker 

Harris James, grocer, baker & victualler, Duke of Cumberland's Head 

Harris John, farmer 

Lardner Thomas, machine and pump maker, millwright and manufacturer of agricultural implements

Holtom George, cattle dealer 

Malings Wm farmer, Apple Tree farm 

Matthews John, mason 

Welford William, shoemaker 

Wilson Edward, farmer, Hazel hedge 

Woolgrove William, carpenter and wheelwright 

Wright Thomas, farmer