Bladon Workhouse Inhabitants - 1881

This information was produced by Gareth Richards as part of his study of the population of Deddington 1841 to 1911 based on data taken from the 10-yearly census.


From the 1830s Deddington belonged to the Woodstock Poor-Law Union. Those applying for assistance had to appear before the Board of Guardians in Woodstock before (possibly) being granted "outdoor relief" or admission to the Union Workhouse in Hensington Lane, Bladon.

The following 30 people, born in Deddington, were resident in the workhouse in 1881:

Thomas CASTLE, Unmarried, 72, Male, Imbecile

Charles CASTLE, Unmarried, 61, Male, Imbecile

Elizabeth CASTLE, Unmarried, 58, Female, Imbecile

Patience FORD, Unmarried, 54, Female, Imbecile

Albert GIBBARD, 11, Male, Scholar

George GIBBARD, 15, Male, Scholar

Mary A. GIBBS, Unmarried, 31, Female

Elizabeth GIBBS, Married, 64, Female

George GIBBS, Widower, 75, Male, Imbecile

William GIBBS, Married, 61, Male, General Laborer

Elizabeth GIBBS, Unmarried, 22, Female, Servant

Edward GIBBS, 9, Male, Scholar

Sarah GIBBS, 1, Female

John GOODWIN, Unmarried, 63, Male, General Laborer

Mary MERRY, Unmarried, 65, Female, Imbecile

Eli MILLER, Married, 56, Male, General Laborer

Esther MORRIS, Widow, 91, Female

Maria PAYNE, Widow, 84, Female

William PAYNE, U, 43, M, Imbecile

Thomas SCARSBROOK, Unmarried, 70, Male, General Laborer

Alice SESSIONS, 11, Female, Scholar

Hannah M. SKUCE, 3, Female

Harriett SKUCE, 7, Female, Scholar

Alek SKUCE, 5, Male, Scholar

Alfred SKUCE, 12, Male, Scholar

Walter SKUCE, 8, Male, Scholar

Eliza SKUCE, Married, 39, Female, Servant

Mary Ann STURCH, Unmarried, 27, Female, Imbecile

Elizabeth TUSTAIN, Unmarried, 23, Female, Servant

Richard WELSH, Widower, 81, Male, General Laborer