This list has been extracted from the Deddington Parish Burials Register 1837 - 1840.  The period is noteworthy because the cause of death is often included along with basic burial information.

This is NOT a complete listing of all the burials during this period, it is simply meant to show some of the more common, and unusual, causes of death.

The cause of death of infants is not typically recorded so these entries are omitted. The catch-alls "decline" and "decay of nature" are often used so these too have not been included.

BENNETT Thomas, 55, married, decay of nature & hydrochorax, sometime Parish Clerk

CHATER Thomas, 4 yrs 8 mths, measles

CHATER Alfred, 5 mths, measles

YOUNG Eliza, 21, single, decline

PAYNE Ann, 70, married, Coroner’s order, apoplexy brought on by drink 

PLESTER Richard, 73 married, old age & decay of nature 

HAWKINS James, 18, typhus fever 

BLOXHAM Sarah, 14 mths, measles 

MALINS Samuel, 37, married, typhus fever 

WHETTON George, 3, measles 

SHERFIELD alias SHOVELL Alice, 94, widow, old age 

HILL Esther, 84, widow, old age 

MASON Elizabeth Maria, 1 yr 11 mths, measles 

SHIRLEY Elizabeth, 4, measles & hooping cough 

COGGINS Amelia, 2, measles & hooping cough 

KILBY Elizabeth, 66, widow, decay of nature 

SIMONS Elizabeth, 4, rneasles,  

SIMONS Martha, 41, married, measles 

TUSTIN Harriet, 9 weeks, cold on the lungs 

BISSELL Mary, 76, widow, old age 

SHIRLEY Henry, 3 yrs 4 mths, measles 

OWEN James, 2 yrs 7 mths, measles 

NICOLLS Caleb, 8 mths, measles

SIMONS George,  9 weeks, hooping cough

TUSTIN Joseph, 2 yrs 10 mths. measles

HOPCRAFT Hannah, 17, Coroner’s warrant, accident, burnt to death in a fit 

CHILLINGWORTH Edmund, 69, married, decay of nature 

FRENCH Rebecca, 12, poor child, hydrocephalus 

MASTERS Mary, 30, married, jaundice 

WHITLOCK Benjamin, 11, a poor boy killed by a wagon, Coroner’s order 

MATTHEWS John, 18, brain fever 

SAUNDERS Elizabeth, 2 yrs. 3 mths. a poor child, fever 

ELL Joseph, 63, married, hydrothorax 

RICHARDSON Richard, 85, widower, old age 

SHIRLEY Richard, 22, slngle, abcess 

SESSIONS Richard, 77, married, old age & hydrothorax 

ARIS John, 5, a poor child, measles, Woodstock Workhouse 

CHURCHILL Sarah, 62, single, decay of nature 

RYMILL John, 14 mths. a poor child, measles, Woodstock Workhouse 

GIBBS Christopher, 12 mths, a poor child, measles, Woodstock workhouse 

GIBBS Mary, 3 mths, a poor child, measles, Woodstock Workhouse

MALINS Anne, 27, single, decline 

BLOXHAM William, married, farmer, decline & decay of nature, 

GRIFFIN Catherine, 88, widow, old age 

SAUNDERS Thomas, 33, married, fever 

EAST William, 11, Inflammation 

WILSDON Elizabeth, 7, decline 

SHIRLEY Ann, 20, single, childblrth 

TAY William, 78, widower, paralysis & old age 

ALLEN William, 1 yr. 8 mths, measles 

SOOLEY Bernard, 26, single, consumption 

STILGOE Robert, 7 mths,  convulsions 

CHURCHILL Emrna, 15, consumption 

SATCHELL Samuel,  67,  married, dropsy & other infirmities, Coroner order 

CHURCHILL Sarah, 54, single, abcess & erisypelas 

MASON Susanne,  42, married, internal cancer 

EAST John, 8, hooping cough 

TUSTIAN William,  5 mths 2 weeks. twin 

TUSTIAN Martha, 5 mths 3 weeks, twin

BRODRICK George, 18, Gentleman, of Macclesfield, Cheshire. Died from the upsetting of a coach Oct.12. He was on his way to  Oxford to reside at Brazenose College where he had recently gained an Exhibition from Macclesfield School. 

COWLEY Mary, 75, married, fever & old age 

CHURCHILL Elizabeth Maria, 13, chronic inflammation  

FARDON Thomas, 81, widower, old age 

PAYNE Ann, 66, widow decay of nature 

SATCHELL John, 10, fever 

BLENCOWE George,  1yr. 6 mths. twin 

BENNETT Mary, 12, hydrocephalus 

COLES Mary, 27, married, Coroner’s order, died suddenly

POWER William, 54, married, paralysis 

STILGOE Henry, 3½, croup 

SHIRLEY Thomas, 29, single, lingering illness like a decline & ulceration of bowels 

MATTHEWS Sarah, 43, married, decline or decay of constitution 

TAYLOR James, 1 yr 10 mths, died in a fit, poor child 

NORTH Mary Ann, 2, Aynho Coroner’s order, drowned 

HERRING Sarah, 25, married, miscarriage 

BLISS Ann, 37, married, lingering illness like a decline 

STILGOE John, 67, widow, spasmodic attack 

PAINE Samuel, 68, married, from the effects of an accident on the Rail Road 

NELSON Richard, 34, single, scrofula (in Greek in original register)

SATCHELL Mary, 41, married, liver complaint & dropsy 

SYKES Benjamin, 1 yr 7 mths, croup, poor child 

HERRING Elizabeth, 1yr. 7 mths, consumption 

FINCHER Richard, 18, consumption 

MAJOR John, 83, married, dropsy & old age 

FRANKLIN Ann, 83, married, dropsy & old age 

WILKINS Edward, 1 yr. 6 mths. decline 

VINCENT Daniel, 5, measles

GIBBS Elizabeth, 58, married, paralysis 

COX Samuel, 70, married, decay of nature

EAST Sarah, 25, single epilepsy 

SOOLEY Catherine, 58, widow, affection of the heart 

STURCH William, 58, married, decay of constitution 

FRENCH Betty alias Elizabeth, 72, widow, paralysis 

CASTLE Mary, 38, single, lunatic 

STEVENS James, 88, widow, old age 

KILBY John, 58, married, broken constitution & decline 

DEAN Ann, 58, married, decay of nature 

SIMONS John, 84, married, old age