Inhabitants of Deddington in 1623

The Cartwright papers include a manuscript listing many of the (male) inhabitants of the parish of Deddington in 1623. This document is held by Northamptonshire Record Office (shelf ref: C(A) 3226). They have kindly given us permission to publish it on this site.

The manuscript has a cover title:

"The Suite of all the names
of the inhabitants of dadington
? in by the tithingsmen
at the Court ?n 
7 ocabre 1623" 

It contains two lists of names.  The first is "The Bill of the  inhabitants of tthe Mannor of dadington" and has around 210 names, most with an occupation or further description. The exact number of entries is disputable because of some erasures. 

A transcription of the main list is published here courtesy of Moira Byast and Deddington & District History Society.

The second list, entitled "The Juryes ?names?" is clearly in a different hand and contains nine names in each of Deddington, Clifton and Hempton. The nine Deddington names also appear in the main list. Given the status of the individuals on the second list - 2 gentlemen, 3 farmers and 4 traders for Deddington as an example - they clearly are members of a Jury, but a Jury of what is unknown.

Usng Moira's work as a base, with a few minor corrections, I have transcribed the Clifton and Hempton names to produce a complete list.  It seems probable that there are more than nine male inhabitants in each of Clifton and Hempton so this should not be regarded as a full list of inhabitants of the parish.

I have also produced a list of occupations mentioned with a count of the number of men in each category.