The 1798 Land Tax registers provide the names of owners and occupiers of land.  While no property details are given, the assessment for tax is generally shown. It may well be possible to identify particular properties by cross referencing the Land Tax registers and the later 1808 enclosure award in the expectation that many properties will still be in the same ownership.  

Each of the three villages in the parish have their own register. I've produced two sets of names for each village, one of owners, the other of occupiers of land which is not their own. My (almost) transcript of each register is available as a PDF file. These files, in strict alphabetic order, show the connections between owners and occupiers as well as the tax assessment for each property which, again, may help with identification.

For some curious reason, like the 1808 enclosure award, the names of land-owners are not in strict alphabetic order in the registers.  Scanned images of the actual registers are available on the subscription-based service   




Proprietors of land 

William Appletree, Thomas Austin, Bailiff For The Tolls, Thomas Bartlett, John Bazeley, William Bennett, G H Bobset(?), Duke of Buceleugh, Solomon Buller, John Busby of Great Tew, Richard Buswell, John Butcher, Widow Butcher, Devisees of John Carter, W R Cartwright Esq., Benjamin Churchill, Henry Churchill, John Churchill, Joseph Churchill, Thomas Churchill, Benjamin Churchill, Samuel Churchill Jnr., Samuel Churchill Snr., Trustees of Elizabeth Churchill, James Clarke, Job Coles, Lucy Coles, William Coles, Sarah Coles, John Coles of Barton, Job Coles Snr., Sir H W Dashwood Bt., Henry Dean, John Emberlin, Excise Officer, John Fardon,  Feoffees, Thomas Fidkin, Robert Franklin, Edward French, Hester French, Mary French, William Gallaway, Sarah Gardner, Thomas George, Hynes Gibbs, Stephen Gilkes, George Goodman, Edward Greenwood, John Griffin, Trustees of Charles Hadland, John Harris, Mr. Henchman, John Hitchman, John Hollier, Widow Hannah Hopcraft, William Hopcraft, William Hopcraft Jnr., Thomas Hudson, Nathaniel Jarvis, (?) Judd, Spencer Kilby, Francis Knibbs, Jeremiah(?) Knibbs, John Knibbs, Richard Knibbs, William Knibbs of Enstone, Edward Knowles, Philip  Lambert, William Lambert, Sarah Laud, Samuel Malin(g)s, William Malins, Philip Manning, Rev. Dr. Marriott, John Martin, William Mason, William Matthews, Mary Messer, Philip Ordway, John Parsons, Mary Parsons, Matthew Parsons, Nathaniel Parsons, Nathaniel Parsons of Kiddington, Thomas Petty, John Preedy, (?) Prestidge, Benjamin Pritchett, James Buller Robinson, John Robinson, William Rymell, Richard Slatter, John Snewing, William South, Widow Steward, Henry Stilgo, John Stilgo, Nathaniel Stilgo, Zachary Stilgo, Nicholas Strong, John Taurins(?), James Taylor of London, Trustees of James Truelove, Richard Viggers, William Westcar, Thomas Whelton, John Whetton, Henry Williams, Joseph Williams, William Williams, Thomas Woolgrove


John Allen, Thomas Austin, Henry Bailey, Mary Bennett, George Bilson, F Burrows, John Butler, Richard Castle, John Churchill, Samuel Churchill Jnr., Ann Cleaver, William Coles, John Dean, William Dolley, William Emberlin, Thomas Fardon, Thomas Fidkin, Richard Franklin, William French, John Fyfield, Thomas George, John Gibbs, Stephen(?) Gilks, Thomas Green, John Griffin, William Harris, Benjamin Harris, John Hopcraft Jnr., William Kilby, Thomas King, Thomas Knibbs, Edward Knibbs, Henry Luce, Samuel Malings, Thomas Malings, William Malins, John Mathews, William Moberly, Richard Ordway, William Penn, Richard  Richardson, (?) Roberts, Richard Roger, Thomas Sandbrook, William Shelton, William Skillman, John Slatter, Edward Smith, William South, Henry Stilgo, John Stilgo, Henry Stone, John Taylor, William Wardley, William Welch, Samuel Wellch, William Westcar.


To download my transcription of the Deddington register as a PDF flle click here.  Note that this is not a strict copy of the original register, which is not entirely in alphabetic order.


Clifton shows two separate register listings for Clifton. I take it that one (the shorter) is for Clifton Hampden. 

Proprietors of Land 

William Appletree, Ann Burton (Barton?), William Ralph Cartwright Esq., Ann Churchill, Bartholomew Churchill  Esq., Benjamin Churchill, Samuel Churchill, Thomas Churchill, Widow Collier, Mary Davis, Joseph Davis, Sir H Dashwood, Bennett Dickens, William Dolley, John East, John Frucher?, Thomas George, Richard Hill, William Iorns, Richard Killby Snr., Richard Killby Jnr., Reverend Marriott, William Marry (Merry?)


William Austin, Thomas East, William East, Thomas Harris,William Iorns, Richard Kilby, Jnr., Richard Killby Snr., John Robinson, Richard Rogers, Joseph Wright.


To download my transcription of the Clifton register as a PDF flle click here




Proprietors of land

George Austin, W R Cartwright Esq., Sir H W Dashwood  Bart., John Davis, Joseph Davis, John Dean, William Enock, Samuel French, Isaac Gibbs, William Harris, John Hollier, Widow Hollier, Thomas Hudson, Joseph Ibell, Benjamin Irons (Hiorns/Iorns), Joseph Jeffcott, Richard Lovedren, Rev. Dr. Marriot, Samuel Owen, John Parish, Widow Parish, Thomas Perkins, John Carter Pollard Esq.,  John Preedy, James Russell, Richard Turner, Henry Williams, Charles Wing. 


James Austin, William Barnes, Widow Coleman, John Dean, William Farces?, William Harris, Benjamin Hiorns (Iorns/Irons), Nathanial Hiorns, Richard Hiorns, John Hollier, Joseph Ibell, John Parish, John Slatter, Martin Tims?, Richard Tims. 


To download my transcription of the Hempton register as a PDF flle click here.