by Jon Malings

The Cartwright family moved to Aynho in 1616 and lived there for more than 300 years, having extensive land holdings in both Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, including Deddington. Their papers are held in the Northamptonshire Records Office.

Jim McDermott has produced a high-level index to the collection (a PDF of 23 kb.) and kindly allowed us to make it available through DOL.

Work is in hand by DDHS and others to transcribe items that are relevant to our parish. Those that have been completed can be seen by following the blue links below.

    • 1623  1623(2) NRO reference C(A) 3226. A list of inhabitants. Original manuscript
    • 1728  NRO reference C(A) 3309. Properties and tenants of Christ Church College Freehold.  The original transcription (305Kb. pdf) of this document is published courtesy of Buffy Heywood. As well as listing the tenants in 1728, with mention of some previous ones, the document also gives a brief description of each property and the yearly rent.  It also specifically names some of the tenants in 1636 and 1787. Click on the appropriate date below to see a list of names mentioned in that year. 

    • 1750-1809 NRO reference C(A) 6006.  Small rents books, showing rents due, payments and arrears, year by year.     
    • 1808 - Duchy Freeholds A list of Freeholders paying rents to the Duchy Manor. This information came courtesy of Colin Cohen (DDH&S) who researched the information in the Bodleian library.  References are contained within the text.

      • 1832 NRO reference C(A) 6028. A list of 72 emigrants to Quebec from Deddington and district  

        There are also a number of other 17th, 18th and 19th century rentals yet to be transcribed:
          • 1625 NRO reference C(A) 5980  Very fragile, 3 pages in secretary hand 
          • 1642—1645 NRO reference C(A) 5983 
          • Four sheets dated 1642, 1644 (twice) and 1645.  The 1644 sheets were almost duplicates, one having just two additional names added to the end. The 1645 sheet was written on both sides and contains about 70 names. 
          • 1734-1743 NRO reference C(A) 6000
          • 1748 NRO reference C(A) 6005. A list of Christchurch freeholders and copyholders and their premises. 
          • C(A) 6011—6022.  Accounts of Copyhold and Quit Rents for Deddington 1813—1824