Joseph Wilkins (1820-91) Watercolour depictions of the parish church interior pre-1857

Joseph, a local artist, painted two watercolours depicting the interior of the church prior to its restoration in 1857/58. They are the only record of its appearance before the Victorians carried out some radical changes. In 2011 one of the paintings was found to have been damaged by insects and both paintings were restored and rehung in the church. Also to be found in the church are two other paintings by Joseph of the exterior of the church (in the Living Room) and a Bird's Eye view of Clifton (in the Vestry). 



 East End
 West End

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More about Joseph and his other paintings can be seen HERE

Restoration and re-pewing of the church 1857/58 (David French)

Drawing on his research into George Coggin's (1846-1920) scrapbooks, David's article references the controversy over this project.

Reverend Glanfield (d.1955) - Notes on Deddington Church post 1858

Reseach note by David French: Amongst the Oxfordshire topographical collections at the Bodleian is a set of exercise books, organised on a Deanery basis, containing notes on the fabric and furniture of Oxfordshire churches. The exercise books were part of the collection of the Rev. Edgar Glanfield, Vicar of Fritwell and antiquary, who died in 1955. The dates of compilation and authorship of the exercise books are unknown. The Deddington entry is post 1865 since it refers to the restoration of the parish church in that year.

Niklaus Pevsner - Oxfordshire North and West (2011)

Pevsner began work on his Buildings of England series in 1945, and the first volume was published in 1951. He wrote 32 of the books himself and 10 with collaborators, with a further four of the original series written by others. Since his death, work has continued on the series, which has been extended to cover the rest of the United Kingdom, under the title Pevsner Architectural Guides, now published by Yale University Press. The sections from the updated 2011 edition by Alan Brooks and Jennifer Sherwood covering Deddington and the Parish Church together with Clifton and Hempton are reproduced with their kind permission.