Castle View, Goose Green (GII)

 Rob Forsyth

Schedule of Deeds and owners is compiled from documents very kindly provided by the present owners Gregor & Katrina Brown. Editorial comments are in italics.

27 June 1839
On line record of a court case
According to the record of this complex legal case (see footnote) [Greenwood v Churchill] Mr JC Eisley puchased the property from the court.
1844-46A bundle of 10 documentsRelating to the above  legal dispute
22 June 1854
William Busby to William Williams
7 July 1856
Copy of Will
William Williams (deceased) bequeaths this property to daughter Eliza Ann
along with four cottages in The Stile. He also leaves properties in Philcock Street
to his wife Maud and daughter Sarah Bostock. (see his Will.  A part transcription can be found here. He owned 6 properties - see highlit text)
10 April 1862
Eliza A Williams to John Malins
26 June 1871
Redeemed mortgage
betweeen John Malins and Elizabeth Turner
8 November 1901
May Ann Malins (and others) to Ernest William Baker
30 April 1914
of 2 cottages and a yard -  Wm Fowler & Wm Fortnum
15 May 1928

The personal representatives of Ernest William Baker (deceased)
and Alfred James Gardner (his brother Thomas married into the Gardiner family

3 March 1933
The personal representatives of Alfred James Gardner (deceased)
and William Tompkins
5 December 1941
Abstract of Title
William Tompkins
10 December 1941
The personal representatives of William Tompkins (deceased)
and Harry Douglas Hopcraft (known as Douglas who was i/c the Deddington ROC group in WWII)
10 November 1950
Supplemental Abstract of Title
Douglas Hopcraft
7 December 1950
Douglas Hopcraft to (Mrs) Constance Russum
8 December 1950
Redeemed mortgage
Constance  Russum with the Crown Building Society
Abstract of Title
The personal representative of Constance Russum (deceased)
31 March 1964
Land charges search
Constance Russum, Kenneth Gunn, Betty Gunn
15 April 1964
Betty Gunn & Squadron Leader Kenneth Russum to AE Prince
(known as 'Dick')
29 April 1980
AE Prince to Irene Margaret Fisher (known as Margaret)
29 December 1992
Grant of Probate
Christopher Fisher & John Stephen Leport
8 January 1993
AssentChristopher Fisher & John Stephen Leport with Margaret Fisher
30 April 1997
Contract of Sale
Margaret Fisher to Andrea Jean Draper
30 April 1997
Form of Transfer
Margaret Fisher to Andrea Jean Draper
3 August 2011
Contract of Sale 
Andrea Jean Draper to Wendy Meagher
8 April 2022
Contract of Sale
Wendy Meagher to Gregor and Katrina Brown


Footnote: Greenwood v Churchill

This was a long running and complex legal case which originated because £8000 of the 1806 Will of Samuel Churchill was not properly discharged.There are records of the case online from which the following summary is extracted. Those with a legal bent who wish to can read the three sequential abstracts HERE, HERE & HERE.

Summary: In 1826 various parties sought recourse to their entitlement. A mortgage was taken out with Lord Carrington by Samuel's sons to pay the beneficiaries. Mrs Greenwood seems to have been involved in the sum of £2273 for which she sought payment via the courts. The costs of this dispute involved fees paid to solicitors (Baker & Hodgson) who then broke up and seem to have failed to pay the proper tax so HMRC got involved and it looks as the courts took legal control of the property because, in 1839, a Mr JC Eisley 'puchased the property from the court'. He became entitled to rental from it - but not until he paid his purchase price into the court. This was delayed through no fault of Mr Eisley because title had not been proved and so he was not able to claim his rent! There was then discussion by the court as to whether and how much interest he should pay. One presumes that the overall winners, as usual, were the solicitors.