From Deddington News, Vol 5 no.6, March 1981 Editor Jane Rose

This month's cover drawing by Ted Robinson is of the Old Mortuary in Goose Green, recently the subject of controversy and concern among residents and Parish Councillors alike. The story started some months ago when a "To Let" notice appeared on the building advertising the Cherwell District Council telephone number. This angered many older local residents who are convinced that the building belongs not to the District Council but to Deddington's Charity Estates. Known locally as the Coal Barn it was used to store the coal which was distributed annually up until about l90l by the Charity Commissioners, or Feoffees to the poor of the Parish. In the winter of l849 to 50, for example over 220 families were supplied with coal at one shilling a hundredweight by means of this charity. But the Feoffees have no evidence to support a claim of ownership. What Cherwell District Council are saying is that in 1907 it was acquired by the Parish Council and used as a Fire Station. The authority for the Fire Brigade passed in l938 from Deddington to the then Banbury Rural District Council, which of course later became part of Cherwell District. They are now trying to let the building which recently has become neither secure nor watertight, and in fact a planning application from Laurel House Antiques Centre to use the barn for storage, has recently been passed by them.

In the year 2000, this building is now called Baerlein House and is the home of The Radionic Association Ltd.