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Judith Russell Brookes is at the centre of this amazing circular tree created for her as a present from a (very good!) friend.  Her mother is Sophia Harper of Deddington whose ancestors, the French's, go back 10 generations. Her father is David Lynes of Adderbury.  I am enormously grateful to Judith for allowing me to copy and publish it*. A hard copy is also held in the Parish Archive. The original document is approx. 80cm x 60 cm.

All Judith's ancestors are depicted as spokes on a wheel together with the surrounding villages in which they lived; all within about 15 miles so a day's return journey by horse.

To view the tree click on the image (l) to open a pdf which can be zoomed and rotated. But, for possibly easier viewing, each quarter segment can also be accessed as an individual pdf via the links in the box. NB they have been pre-rotated to make the names more upright

North West
North East
South WestSouth East

*Acknowledgement: the images have been printed as pdfs from large, high resolution photographs taken by Jim Muller of Jim Muller Photography who has very kindly provided them free of charge.

The Deddington-born families represented are: Brotherton, French, Gardiner,  Gibbs, Harper, Skuse & Wilkins. The earliest  ancestor on the tree is John French b.1620.The tree only shows direct lines so not apparent are the cross links to other Deddington families of the same names elsewhere on this website. Almost every pre-second world war Deddington family is related in some way to every other family!

The Wilkins family contains Joseph Wilkins (1820-91) who was a well known local artist.