Bliss familiies 1851 - 1901 Census

The 1851 census This is our first clear look at Bliss families in Deddington. There are four:

  • Richard (60) & John (60) are brothers of the same age - or possibly twins. Richard's wife is not listed so possibly deceased. Richard is an agricultural labourer - as were the majority of Deddington men - but he is unemployed and a pauper. As we will see he does not escape from this.
  • John is 60, an agricultural labourer and is married to Mary (59) and they are living on Tabernacle Square (now Chapel Sq.) with their three children:Thomas (20), Charles (18) & David (15). The elder boys are also agricultural labourers and the youngest a servant. It is this family whose desendants are followed though subsequent census.
  • There are two families living on Philcote Street headed by William (46) and George (25). Whose sons they are has not been established as yet and no members have been identified in later census.

The 1861 census

  • Richard Bliss is listed as age 78 which is 18 years older than in 1851! But it is definitely the same Richard because a look at the censor's sheet on Ancestry has William Hiorns at the same address and born in Oddington.
  • The Elizabeth Bliss (34) listed as a Head of Household is George's wife from the previous census. George is absent. She/they have 4 young daughters and a son.
  • 1833mapbrickkilnsJohn & Mary's middle son, Charles (28), is listed as living on Philcote Street and is now married to Mary Anne née Sessions (26) with a two year-old son David - we will call David (I). Charles is a brickmaker who is probably working at the village kilnworks marked on this 1833 map (l). click on image to enlarge
  • John himself is not listed because he died in 1860. His widow, Mary (68), is living on Earl Street (now Earls Lane).Their eldest son, Thomas (30), is also living with her. Isabella Gaydon (b.1833) is a visitor. She is the 'Eliza' who is Thomas' wife in the 1891 census.

The 1871 Census has three families recorded. John's wife, Mary, is not among them because she had died in 1862.

  • Thomas (39) - Charles' elder brother - is living on Horse Fair with his 8 year-old son John. He also is a brickmaker. There is no mention of Isabella/Eliza at this address.
  • Richard (79) - is living in the Alms Houses on Church Lane dependent on charity.
  • Entries 42 and 93 - refer to several daughters (dinL) and sons-in-law (SinL) which suggest that one SinL, George, is aged 12! Not all census taking was accurate. The other George (16), by his birth year could be the George Bliss who, with his wife Caroline Sophia, share a gravestone in the churchyard and appear in the next census as man and wife.
  • Charles & Mary are still living on Philcot Street (the 'e' has gone) with children David(I)(12), Mary Ann (7) and Emily (6) all at school.

The 1881 Census

  • Charles (47) & Mary Anne (46) are living in Philcock Street - a 3rd spelling change! - with daughter Mary Ann (17). Charles has given up on brickmaking and is now a Grocer with their daughter helping out. Another daughter Emily (17) is a housemaid on High Street
  • Their next door neighbours are George (26) and wife Caroline (25) with two children aged five & three.
  • Richard (90) is still living in an almshouse.
  • Entries 31 & 34 - Elizabeth (74) & Jesse(0) are unknown as to who to attribute to.

The 1891 Census There are four families all much more clearly recorded. Census taking was improving. It also helped that everyone was living in their own home not someone else's house.

  • George and Caroline are living on New Street. He is a plasterer. Their eldest son, William, has left school and is already employed at the age of 13.
  • Charles & Mary Anne are on Philcock Street. He has broadened his work skills and is now farming as well as being a grocer. Emily is still living at home aged 26; she is quite old to be unmarried in those days.
  • David (I) is 32 and a carpenter and joiner. He has married Martha Elizabeth née Keen (31). Elizabeth came from Battersea, London, and they married in her home church. They also are living on Philcock Street. They have three small children; the youngest is David (II) aged two of whom more later.
  • Lastly, Thomas (agricultural labourer) and Eliza are living on Philcock Street with son John (28). Their daughter Sarah (38) lives on Chapel Square. She is single with a son Arthur (6).
The 1901 Census The same four families are present as in 1891 but:
  • Philcock Street has become Philcot and George has moved to it.
  • Charles has now become a baker as well as a farmer
  • David'(I)'s wife Martha Elizabeth is using her second name and will be referred to in that way hereon. 
  • Thomas is now a general labourer. He and David (I)  have moved their families to St Thomas Street.
  • There are some other of their various children recorded,