These local newspaper pages are from The Banbury Advertiser (BA), The Banbury Beacon (BB) & Banbury Guardian (BG)They were researched by John Plumbe for the Parish Archive and are stored on its Google Drive in pdf format varying in size from 500kb to 2Mb. They are in date order with the dates incorporated in the titles. The pdfs are of whole pages because there are so many other very interesting articles on the same page. They are of a very high quality so can be zoomed by 200% or more. The relevant article on each page is highlit for convenience.

21 February 1867Bells rung for a new brewery (BA)
  20 December 1888
A scare in the Belfry (BG)
17 October 1891George Ell falls through the bell tower trap door (BB)
  18 August 1898A bellringer's extraordinary "Change"
is attributed to Dr William' Pink Pills! (BA)
 6 September 1928
Church Bell Fund Dance (BA)
20 February 1930Unsafe bellchamber (BA)
21 August 1930Bells ringing after 3 1/2 years (BA)
16 October 1930 Bells first peal since re-hanging (BA)
6 November 1930Bells re-dedication (BA)
12 December 1946Victory bells are rung (BG)
18 December 1946New bells dedicated (BA)
19 December 1946Dedication of bells (BG)

On 31 December 1791 Jackson' Oxford Journal reported on the inaugural ringing of the new church bells 


ON Tuefday January 3d, I792, will be opened a Compleat PEAL of SIX BELLS, (by a Society of Gentlemen from Oxford) cast by Mears, late Lefter, Pack and Chapman, of London.  On which bells, every Gentleman Profeffor of Ringing may have an Opportunity of difplaying his Abilities in that ingenious and Athletic Art.

The page can be viewed in the British Newspaper Archive