1963 - Mr Hayward sells to Mr Moreby

by Jon Malings

In 1963 Mr Hayward sold his house on to William Thomas Moreby of Goffs farm in Adderbury. 

There's little detail about this transaction, the conveyance probably went off to the Land Registry when the house was registered sometime later.  The Deeds do contain several Official Searches and a “Report on Title” for the Northampton Town and County Building Society in 1962 but confirmation of the sale comes from  a Schedule of Deeds drawn up in 1988 by Hancocks Solicitors for Mr. Moreby. 

The Schedule confirms that the Hayward/Moreby Conveyance and a Legal Charge by the Northampton BS were both executed on April 23rd 1963.  The mortgage was redeemed at the end of the 15-year term in 1977.  The Schedule indicates that Mr. Moreby transferred the property on 1988 though there are no further details.

Mr Hayward bought the property from Frank Hirons in October 1961 for £400 [£15K].  Fourteen moths later Mr. Moreby, the prospective purchaser, was applying to the Building Society for a mortgage of £900 [£33K], at 6% interest, on a purchase price of (apparently) £1950 [£70K].  My assumption is that the vendor, Mr Hayward, was an early adopter of the Property Ladder TV programme business model and had bough the property to do up and resell at a profit.

To see an image of the Northampton Building Society’s “Report on Title” click here

The Northampton Town and County BS. merged with the Leicestershire BS. in 1966 to form Anglia, so it was Anglia who confirmed the redemption of Moreby’s mortgage in 1977. 

Click here to see their letter of confirmation.

Click here to see the 1988 Schedule of Deeds issued to Mr. Moreby by Hancocks Solicitors.