The core of our fight: We strongly believe that Oxfordshire County Council's proposal to close 20 out of 43 libraries, including that of Deddington, is not only misconceived but also in breach of its statutory obligation to provide a 'comprehensive and efficient' library service.

Update from OCC 23 March: publication of the consultation document has been postponed until mid-May and the consultation process will run until September. In the face of legal, financial and moral challenges, are they having second thoughts? Or are they hoping protesters will lose momentum? We must keep the pressure up.

We have a banner (see above) which will be on the Town Hall (apart from the run-up to the Farmers' Market).

And this really neat, eye-catching logo, thanks to Mark Newnham of Hempton.
Did you know Deddington Library was opened by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings, in 1956? Will it be OCC's legacy to close it in 2012? We have two letters from the great author bemoaning his performance when giving the opening speech, declining the offered fee of 2 guineas (£2.10 in today's money) and offering one of his own works in lieu. Sadly this never materialised. Tol_thumb
The 'Book a Future' campaign was featured in an article by Roseanne Edwards in the Banbury Guardian on 10 March
The Library campaign kicks off at Deddington Farmers' Market, Saturday 26 February (left to right: Jenny Anderson, Helen Anderson, Alan Collins, Helen Oldfield and Eileen Anderson).   
Our stand at the King's Sutton Literary Festival 12-13 March where there was much interest in the campaign.
Our MP, Tony Baldry, met members of the campaign group in the Town Hall on Saturday 19 March. He felt that what made Deddington library unique was its direct link with the school.
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Flyer delivered with the March 2011 isue of DN to every house in the parish of Deddington
'Key facts'
Contact details of anyone and everyone to approach in support of our campaign
CONTACT, OBJECT, COMPLAIN now and again when the details of the consultation process are known, and again whenever we need to reinforce the message. More anon ...

Please use these postcards to send to anyone you think might take notice!
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  To see the consultation document published May 2011, click here