A handbill publicising Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebration sports in a field near the Gas Works in 1887 in the Coggins Scrapbooks, Volume 1, f.241.

Extracts from Jacksons Oxford Journal -  courtesy of Jon Malings

June 18th 1887 

THE JUBILEE DEMONSTRATION.It is intended to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of her Majesty’s reign by giving a dinner to all classes, numbering upwards of 1000, on Tuesday next. Upwards of £100 has been promised, including £25 from Holford C. Risley, Esq., £10 from W. C Cartwright Esq., Aynho Park, and £10 from Christ Church, Oxford. The repast will take place at the schools at one o’clock, after which sports will take place in a close belonging to Mr. Hawkes. On Sunday a special service will be held, in the Parish Church, by the Rev. E. Boniface, Vicar. Before the service a procession will be formed from the schools headed by the Volunteers (with the famous Banbury Band), under the command of Captain Austin, the Fire Brigade, Friendly Societies, and members of other Institutions. 

June 25th 1887


THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE.The celebration of her Majesty’s Jubi1ee at Deddington began on Sunday with the holding of a special service in the afternoon in the Parish Church, which was attended by an overflowing congregation, including a procession of representatives of the Yeomanry, the Volunteers, the Fire Brigade; the Police, the Foresters and other Benefit Societies, and the school children. The procession formed at the schools, and was led to the loyal strains of the National Anthem by the Banbury Rifle Corps Band in its full strength. Before the Benediction the Alleluia Chorus was played, and after this service, and again later in the evening, the baud played various selections in the open space in front of the residences of the Churchwardens, which were listened to by a large and appreciative audience. The church bells rang merry peals at intervals. The town was gaily decorated with flags and devices, and these of course remained up for Tuesday. From each of the numerous upper windows of Mr. W. Churchill’s stores a large flag waved : between Mr. Dodwell’s and Mr. Tucker’s houses a line of bunting, with her Majesty’s. portrait in the centre; and again between Mr. P. Bennett’s (the indefatigable Hon. Secretary) and Mr. Franklin’s, with “God save the Queen” in large type; between Mr. Chislett’s and Mr. Charles Bennett’s, Mr. Holiday’s and Mr. Hobley’s, Mr Ward’s and the factory, and others, a tastefully-arranged line of evergreens and bunting; Mr. Manship had an illumination, and large flags waved from many other houses, which Mr. Kinch’s Union Jack of large dimensions was conspicuous, and from the church tower, and other points of vantage. Punctually at one o’clock on Tuesday dinner was served in the National Schools, and in a monster marquee erected by Mr. John Bennett in the school-yard. Including the carvers and assistants, who dined together after the general company, about 1100 people, men, women, and children of Deddington, Hampton, and Clifton, sat down to a substantial cold dinner, and did ample justice to the well cooked joints and plum pudding unstintingly provided. The health of  “Her Majesty the Queen,” proposed by the Vicar, was of course loyally and heartily received, with three times three, a verse of the National Anthem being sung. In the afternoon sports were held in a field near the Gas Works, kindly lent by Mr. W. Hawkes, and included a greasy-pole and other old-fashioned events, and great was the fun. At 10 p.m. a huge bonfire, erected on the pest-house hill, was fired, and a good display of rockets were sent up. The commemoration was a great success, and the memory of the day will remain with young and old alike.

Jul 2nd 1887

CELEBRATION OF THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE. The Jubilee festivities at Deddington have been carried out to an excellent finish. A special service was held at the Parish Church at 3 p.m. on Sunday, the 19th ult., when a procession was formed in the following order:Section of the Q.O.O.Y.C. (under Sergeant Harris), full Band of the A Company 2nd Oxon Rifles (Sergt. Webb), Volunteer Fire Brigade (Captain Hedges), Deddington Detachment of Volunteers (Captain Austin), Detachment of Police (Inspector Leech), the Robin Hood Court of Foresters (Br. Y. Hopcraft), Exhibition Friendly Society (Br. C. Churchill), Butcher’s Arms Friendly Society (Br. Higgs), the Schools, &c, and altogether about a thousand attended the service. The sermon was preached by the Vicar from Leviticus c. 35, v. xi. The Hallelujah Chorus was played under the west tower before the Benediction by the military band, and they also played selections in the Market-square after evening service. 

On Tuesday, the 21st ult., a public dinner took place, to which everybody in the parish was invited. About 1300 sat down to a good substantial old English dinner of roast and boiled beef, legs of mutton, ham, and plum pudding, with ale, &c. The toast of “The Queen” was given by the Vicar, and was enthusiastically responded to. The dinner was served to about 300 in the Boys’ School, and to about 800 in a huge marquee, after which the 200 carvers and waiters sat down. A long programme of sports for old and young was afterwards well got through. Messrs. W. Hawkes, F. Ward, and T. A. Manchip were the judges; Messrs. Coggins and Holiday, starters; and the juvenile sports were managed by the Vicar and Miss Boniface. A large bonfire was ignited at ten o’clock, on Constitution ~Hill, by the Fire Brigade. The Committee are to be congratulated on the successful issue of their painstaking efforts, especially those of the Hon. Secretary (Mr. T. Bennett). There was a large display of bunting about the streets, with arches, festoons, and some capital mottoes in large type. and the illuminations at several places were very effective. 

Articles in Banbury Advertiser & Guardian - courtesy of John Plumbe

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