Parish Magazines 1882-84 & 1888-92

David French

The Parish Magazines contained much valuable historical information about church-related events and general activities. There is a significant overlap with Volume 2 of the Coggins Scrapbooks, which contains some 700 local press cuttings for the years 1880-1887, many relating to church matters.

The monthly Parish Record of births, deaths and marriages contains many names, as do the various subscription lists for particular causes, such as the churchyard fund, foreign missions and soup kitchen.

A striking feature of the magazines is the large amount of space devoted to financial statements, which were published in full in respect of all sorts of things, such as the Sunday Schools, Choir Treat, Reading Room, Foreign Missions and the Sick and Needy Fund.

Scanned pdf copies of the magazines are downloadable via the following links

 NB: Some technical problems were experienced during the enormous amount of scanning. While every effort has been made to eliminate these, there may be the occasional faulty page which will affect the page pdf search facility.

Parish Magazine 1882
Parish Magazine 1883
Parish Magazine 1884
Parish Magazine 1885}
Parish Magazine 1886} not yet scanned but, like the scanned copies, are available in the Parish Archive
Parish Magazine 1887}
Parish Magazine 1888
Parish Magazine 1889
Parish Magazine 1890
Parish Magazine 1891
Parish Magazine 1892

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