Court Rules for Christ Church Manor in the Parish of Deddington

documented  October 14 1640


5th Item.  How many Yard Lands are there belonging to this manor, how many are held by Lease and how many by Copy of Court Role.

To the fifth we present that there is belonging to Christ Church Manor in the Parish of Deddington Sixty One Yard Lands and a half, and a ?Thirdendale??, whereof there is held by Copy in Hempton seven yard Lands, and by Lease, eight Yard Lands and a  ?Thirdendeale? ; and in Clifton by Copy there is held five Yard Lands, and by Lease six Yard Lands and one quarter, and in Deddington there is held by Copy ten Yard Lands and three quarters and by Lease there is held twenty four Yard Lands and a half, and this is as much as we can understand of

6th Item  How many Acres do belong to a Yard Land.  How much in several, how much in the Common fields?

What Common doth belong to every Yard Land for ?her? beasts, horses and sheep ?

To the next we present that to a Yard Land there belongeth to some more, to some less  Acres of Land; but we guess that there will be about eighteen acres to a yard Land, one with another, in our Common field measure, but not by statute measure, whereof four yard land lyeth in Ilbury Pasture which hath no Common; and for Commons at Hempton there belongeth to every yard Land, two horses, thirty sheep and four beasts, and at Clifton for every yard land they keep two horses, three beasts and thirty sheep, and at Deddington for seventeen yard lands and one quarter, for every of those yard lands, two horses three beasts and forty sheep, and for the other eighteen yard lands they keep for every yard land, two hprses, two beast and thirty sheep