By Jon Malings


This article is a pointer to the Wills (linked from each name) of some of the descendants of William and Frances (1701) which are available through the Oxford Family History Society website.  


Robert Mallings (1712-1788)


Samuel Malins (1742-1828)  nephew of Robert


Robert Malings (1770 -1819 son of Samuel


William Malins (1793 -1865) grandson of Samuel


Hannah Hopcraft  (c.1726 -1798) née Coggins, second wife of John Hopcraft (c.1726-1798)
John’s first wife was Mary Malins who died in 1772
All the legatees in Hannah’s will are descendants of John/Mary     


Kitty Wrighton of Adderbury (1783 -1839)
Kitty was the grand-daughter of William Righton and Frances Malins


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