Deddington Shops & Businesses

 Notes of SID BERRY talking about the period 1925–40 (recorded 2005) in conversation with Mary and Colin Robinson, updated to 2013

Number at beginning of entry cross-refers to a map of central Deddington (pdf).
Number in brackets at end of entry indicates track no. on Sid's tape recording on DoL.
[un-resolved questions/comments]

1. Polly Deeley’s shop: tobacco, sweets and odds’n’ends. In 2013 Torphins private house, New Street.  (03)

2. Plough Inn: empty for many years. Sid used to play in it. Legend said that there was a tunnel to Castle House [or Castle End?], but it has never been found. Butchers after pub. Eli Walker (father of Percy) ran it. In 2013 private house, Plough House, it also took in The Steps (see also extracts from Deeds of Plough House document) (04)

3. Doughy Course: baker, Old Bakehouse, end of Stile. S worked for him on and off. Won a Hovis award. S took bread to the church for the poor, paid for by Cartwrights of Aynho. In 2013 a private house, the Bakehouse. (05)

4. Mrs Sykes: sweets. In 2013 Brunel House (was 2 cottages). (06)
[Is this same as Granny Sykes – sweets, soap, etc. in Philcote St at an earlier period?]

5. Mr Highland: vet, later Beesley, carpenter, made coffins in what is now the garage which had a door on to the Stile. In 2013 a private house, the Stile House. (07)

6. Fowlers: baker, garage was a bakehouse. Miss Fowler sold cakes and sweets. In 2013 Stone House, New Street (or was it Regency?). (08)

7. Crown and Tuns pub: Dooker Tomkins. (09)

8. Mr Tibbetts: blacksmiths and petrol. Later became Archway Garage, in 2013 Deddington Dental Practice. (10)

9. Gibbs: hardware. Later Beardsleys hardware, then Huntleys art suppliers. In 2013 Bengal Spice. (11)

10. Dean/Dene: chemist. In 2013 a private house, Roseleigh. (12)

10a. Old Bakery next to what was Congregational Chapel (13)

11.The Volunteer pub: later a vets. Much later the Russell Hotel, Russell Antiques, in 2013 a private house Russell House. Stage coach from Banbury swapped horses in stable at the back. (14) [Was this in the 1930s, or much earlier?]

12/13. Holidays: motor and cycle engineers, petrol and hardware, fishing tackle, shotguns. Later Greenwoods Garage, in 2013 Jocy dress shop. Sapper Holiday was shell shocked in the First World War. (15)

14. Charlie Wyatt:  baker. Corner of Grove, south side, in 2013 private house.(16)

15. Joey Freeman: barber. North side of the Grove, in 2013 private house Grove Cottage. (17)

16. Jack (Pethy) Lewis: general grocer. East side of High Street. Also had Labour Exchange in Hudson Street (in 2013 Cyclogical cycle shop). He started off at no. 14 High Street, later moved to what in 2013 is Heathfield House, High St. (18)
[Was Pethy a nickname?]

17. British Legion, High St., was formerly a foundry. Then Red Triangle Club after WWI. (20) [Mason’s axle-tree factory].

18. Mrs Hore: painter and decorator. Corner of Tchure, south side. In 2013 private house (21) [Was this Mrs Hore the mother of the painter?]

19. Goundrey: electrical and wireless engineer, sold and recharged accumulators. Above Tchure, north side, in 2013 private house. (22)

20. F.T. Bolton: farmer and butchers and slaughterhouse. Opposite Tchure, later right-hand part of Holcombe Hotel building.  Also ran a private school in Holcombe, taking girls from France. Holcombe reverted in 2013 to private dwellings. (23)

21. Ted Deely: carrier and coalman. Just before Library, in 2013 private house. (24)
 [Fred Deely’s father? Did they later move to Castle Street?  See no. 45].

22. Lammy Cole: farmer. Manor Farm by traffic lights (John Cole’s father). Also had Tombwell Farm. (25)

23. King’s Arms pub, also sold petrol.  Stanley Hall, ran bus service and garage, and Local Defence Volunteers (LDV – later Home Guard). In 1990s was named Deddington Arms. (26)

24. Chris Ell: shoe shop and repairers at Three Horseshoes In 2013 a private house (name?) in Bullring. Before that at top of Philcote Street. (27)

25. Fortescue’s: solicitors, Bullring. Formerly Churchills Emporium, in 2013 Wychway House, home of British Microlight Association.  (28)

26. Bennett: solicitors. Below Fortescue in the Bullring. (29)

27. Miss French: sweet shop, north of Red Lion, later a private cottage, then Clydesdales beauticians, in 2013 Cedar Therapy. (30) [Related to French of French’s farm?]

27a. Solicitors in the Hermitage, later home of Dora Collin, benefactor to village.(31)
Horsefair (32)
Churchills (33)
Postman (34)

28. Westons: paper shop, later Post Office, in 2013 Eagles food emporium. (35)

29. Red Lion pub:  Jimmy Green, later ? West, father of José Stevens. (36)

30. Bernard Dodwell: butcher. Later Hayward White, in 2013 Hamptons estate agents. (37)