A Parish at War


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Deddington Parish Council

A Parish at War - A Military Record of Three Oxfordshire Villages Deddington - Clifton - Hempton
was published on 11 November 2011(Remembrance Day) at the conclusion of a four year research project by Michael Allbrook and Robert Forsyth to record the names and as much detail as possible about those residents - service and civilian, male and female - who had served their country from Waterloo to the present day. It also contains many personal stories and hundreds of photographs which also recount how the parish 'kept the home firers burning'. Copies of the book are available on Amazon HERE

In the course of the research it was discovered that there were 25 men who had died for their country who were not recorded on the existing War Memorial. A decision was made to use the profit from sale of the book to pay for a new War Memorial Plaque to be placed in the church on which would be recorded all the names of those who had died from the Boer War onwards. This plaque was dedicated by the Bishop of Dorchester on 16 June 2013.

The Press Release describing the project can be found HERE

Press reports in The Saturday Telegraph newspaper (15 June 2014) can be found HERE and the same day Saturday Telegraph OnLine HERE

The contents of the book, its later supplement, post publication information still being received and full details of the Dedication Service - with links to replay the service (video and audio) and hear a BBC R4 Today article broadcast on the day can be found below