Newspaper reports of fires prior to the 1883 formation of Deddington Fire Brigade


3 December 1791 The Oxford Journal Fire in a house in Deddington
This is the earliest known report of a . A 7 year old boy, left on his own, dropped a candle in straw in an adjoining barn 'whence he was fetching straw to make himself a fire' ...' the Exertions of the Inhabitants were highly laudable, and the engine well supplied'. The latter refering to the fact the fire engine had to be filled with buckets first. 

19 May 1838 Oxford Chronicle & Reading Gazette  A fire in Little Barford caused by boys playing with fireworks - nothing changes!

20 October1838 Oxford Chronicle & Reading Gazette  A thatched cottage brewery in Souldern caught fire and was largely consumed 'before engines arrived'.

31 August 1843 Banbury Guardian A big rick fire on the farm of  Benjamin Pritchett in Duns Tew. The engines attended at 10pm and  ' were kept there the whole of the night'.

11 February 1860 Birmingham Journal Fire at the Deddington Paper Mill premises of Mr John Hobday.

27 September 1862 Oxford Times  A fire in Mr Jonathan Woolgrove's bootmakers shop on High Street prompts comment that the suggestion that a Fire Brigade be formed has not yet happened.

28 April 1864 Banbury Advertiser "The whole of the Coopers shop, with most of its contents, were destined to entire destruction by the devouring element."  Mr W Powers who occupied the premises was under-insured, as was Mrs Williams who owned the property.

28 December 1867 Northampton Mercury Mr George Hitchcok's blacksmith shop and stock was destroyed. He was fully insured with the Norwich Union and his neighbour was insured with the County Fire Office.



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