The following information has been gleaned from various sources so dates and names in early years are uncertain.

The original title of the head of the Brigade was 'Captain'. When the Fire Service went National this became Sub-Officer if a single engine station as Deddington is ( Station Officer if two engines) and more recently has become Watch Manager.

Station Captains

1883   George Hedges

           ??  Lovell

????    Dr Saunders

1896   Dr Saunders - re-appointed when new Brigade formed by the
           Parish Council 

1934  Stanley Hall (possibly prior to this)

????      George Busby

Sub Officers

1953 The new Station was opened on 19 August when the Fire Brigade became National.

          George Busby

          George Albert Sanders

1968    Jim Franklin

             Brian Franklin

1982    Albert Humphries. Served 1968 - 2001

2002    Anne Waters. Served 1996-2008

Watch Managers  Title changed to accord with the London Fire Brigade

2004     Anne Waters. Served 1996-2008

2019    Chris Fennemore. Served 2002 -now (November 2023). His son Ben is serving in 2023. They
            maybe the first Father & Son to do so in Deddington