1896 Parish Council take over the Fire Brigade

 Joanna Cox

Tuesday 5th May 1896 - Bicester Herald
The Fire Brigade are on strike, announced by Mr. Thomas Smith, secretary. Mr. Smith, the other officers and all members of the Brigade had tendered their resignation.

The Brigade approached the Parish Council (PC)for an annual grant instead of asking private individuals and the neighboring areas for donations & subscriptions. These were dwindling. Appliances needed replacing and the cost of drills needed to be funded.

The PC were unanimous that they would not pay, as this exceeded their duty. The PC accepted all the resignations and asked for the uniforms to be returned to the PC Clerk, as these were the property of the PC. (Need to research this fact. Were the uniforms originally privately funded?).

22nd June 1896
There was a PC Meeting about formation of a new Brigade.

14th July 1896 - Banbury Guardian

PC meeting of new Brigade. The article suggests that there were not many volunteers since the resignation of the previous Brigade members. However, Engineer Mason confirmed there were sufficient numbers for a Brigade in the event of an emergency, and new volunteers would be sought in the meantime as vacancies needed to be filled with urgency.

Dr. Saunders was reinstated as Captain, he had been the previous Captain. The fire engine and appliances were needed to be tested as it was feared the appliances were defective

This means Deddington was without a Brigade for over two months. Did the PC want control of it? Better to be publicly funded than privately? Interesting turn of events!