Hannah Turner to John Hopcraft - 1823

By Jon Malings

This transaction is the conventional form of buying/selling property that we are used to, being:

a) An Agreement or Contract of Sale

b) The Indenture or Conveyance to transfer ownership.

The Agreement of Sale - transcript:

An agreement made and entered into this
Nineteenth day of April in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
Twenty three Between Hannah Turner
of Evanley in the County of Northampton
Widow of the one part and John Hopcraft of
Deddington in the County of Oxford Mason
Of the other part

The said Hannah Turner agrees to sell and convey
unto the said John Hopcraft who hereby agrees to
Purchase All that Messuage Cottage or Tenement
with the Outbuildings yard Garden and appurtenances
thereto belonging situate standing and being in
Philcock Street in Deddington aforesaid and now in the
several occupation of the Overseer of Deddington and
their undertenants and [erasure] free from all
Incumberances except Land Tax at and for the price
of One hundred pounds which the said John
Hopcraft hereby agrees to give for the same
It is agreed that the purchase money shall be
paid and the purchase completed on or before
the eleventh day of October next That the said
John Hopcraft shall be ?intitled [tear in paper] to the receipt
of the Rents and Profits of the said Premises from
the said eleventh day of October after which
time all outgoings in respect of the same
shall be paid and discharged by the said
Hannah Turner

It is also agreed that the expenses of preparing
This Agreement, making a good Title to the
premises and the necessary Conveyances shall be
borne and paid by the said Hannah Turner and
John Hopcraft in equal moities
Witness to the signing by both Parties

The Mark of Hannah Turner
[Signature] John Hopcraft

[Signature] William East

The Indenture - summary

October 11th 1823

Mrs. Hannah Turner to Mr John Hopcraft

William East
William ?Sooley?
Clerks to Messrs Churchill and Field




An Indenture between

Mrs. Hannah Turner of Evenly in the County of Northampton, Widow, of the one part.
John Hopcraft of Deddington, Mason, of the other part.

Whereby Hannah Turner sells to John Hopcraft for Ā£100:

All that Messuageā€¦situate in Philcock St.  late in the occupation of John Bennett and Mary Williams, since of Benjamin Harris, William Wilkins and Ann Cleaver and now of the Overseers of the Poor of Deddington.

A messuage late in the occupation of Ann Knibbs, widow, and now of John Brotherton being on the South side.

A messuage late in the occupation of Sarah Brommidge and Elizabeth Trinder and now of John Hopcraft and William Moberley being next on the North side thereof.