1926 to 1952 - Bills and Correspondence

By Jon Malings

Frank Seymour Hirons kept a number of bills and other correspondence relating to Winmour Cottage.  Click on any of the dates below to see the related image.


1926-29  A Fire insurance policy with the Guardian Assurance Company.  Originally taken out at Midusmmer 1926, when he bought the property.  The sum insured was originally £75 at a premium of  3/9d per annum for the cottage described as stone with a thatched roof.  In 1929 Mr Hiorns increased the sum insured to £100 at a premium of  5/-. per annum.

1938  A bill from George Hancox, builder, for £16 15/- [£3K] for laying drains and connecting the house to the town water supply.

1944  A detailed bill, down to the 1lb of washers, from A Hopcraft, builder, for £131 13/2d. [£13K] who replaced the thatched roof with concrete roof tiles(!) and (that old favourite) corrugated asbestos. 

1945  A bill from George Hancox, builder, for £8 17/6d [£900] for removing the stone floor in the kitchen, laying concrete with red quarry tiles over.

1948/9  Correspondence from the Solicitors Stockton Sons and Fortescue relating to a proposed purchase of a small piece of Mr. Hirons garden by his neighbour Mr. Cooper (of Calder Cottage?).  It looks like the sale eventually happened in 1994!

1951  A receipt from Messrs. Stockton Sons and Fortescue solicitors for Mr Hirons Deeds, “for safekeeping”.