1926 - Clara Mullis to Frank Hirons for £67

 Jon Malings



This transaction is very familiar to anyone buying or selling a house today.  Clara Mullis (or her solicitors) present Frank Hirons with an abstract of title to prove her ownership and then she passes the title of the property to him by means of a conveyance.


Note that the value of the cottage has fallen from £100 when Clara bought it in 1906 down to £67 in 1926 despite the general price inflation that had occurred in the meantime.


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Date July 3rd 1926

Miss Clara Emma Mullis
Mr. Frank Seymour Hirons

of freehold cottage and premises
situate in Philcock Street
Deddington in the County of


THIS CONVEYANCE is made the third day of July
One thousand nine hundred and
twenty six BETWEEN CLARA EMMA MULLIS of Deddington in the
County of Oxford Spinster (hereinafter called “the Vendor”) of the one part and
FRANK SEYMOUR HIRONS of the same place labourer (hereinafter
called “the Purchaser”) of the other part  WHEREAS the Vendor is the
estate owner in respect of the fee simple of the property hereby conveyed free
from incumbrances and she has agreed with the Purchaser for the sale
thereof to him for the sum of Sixty seven pounds NOW in pursuance
of the said Agreement and in consideration of the sum of Sixty seven
pounds now paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor (the receipt whereof the
Vendor hereby acknowledges) THIS CONVEYANCE WITNESSETH
as follows:-
  1) The Vendor as BENEFICIAL OWNER hereby conveys unto the Purchaser
ALL THAT messuage cottage or tenement with the outbuildings yards and
other appurtenances to the same belonging situate and being in Philcock
street in Deddington aforesaid formerly occupied as two tenements by
John Bennett and Mary Williams then of Benjamin Harris William Wilkins
and Ann Cleaver afterwards of John Hopcraft and William Banes of
George Hopcraft and Richard Slott afterwards as one tenement by the Widow
of the said George Hopcraft and now by William Hopcraft TO HOLD the
Same unto the Purchaser in fee simple
  2) The Vendor hereby acknowledges the right of the Purchaser to production
of an indenture of Conveyance dated the second day of January One thousand
nine hundred and five and made between Henry Mullis of the one part and
Clara Emma Mullis of the other part (the possession of which is retained
by the Vendor) and to deliver copies thereof and hereby undertakes with
the Purchaser for the safe custody of the said document
  3) It is hereby certified that the transaction hereby effected does not form
part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the
amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the consideration
exceeds Five hundred pounds
  IN WITNESS whereof the said parties have hereunto set
their hands and seals the day and year first above written

[signature]  Clara E Mullis

SIGNED sealed and delivered
by the above named Clara Emma
Mullis in the presence of

Tho. Smith
Clerk to Messrs. Stockton Sons & Fortescue