1877 - Dean to Mullis, Mortgage for £500?

By Jon Malings

A later conveyance indicates that the Mullis family kept the deeds for this and the 1905 Mullis to Mullis sale.  This, therefore, is a summary of an Abstract of Title presented by Miss Clara Emma Mullis dated Jul 1st 1926.  There appear to be several errors in it which I have indicated [ ] .

We have to assume that Henry Dean defaulted on the Mortgage, as perhaps he was meant to, so Winmour Cottage became the property of Henry Mullis.

Click here (but not yet) to see the 1926 Abstract of Title in PDF format.


February 8th 1877

An Indenture of Mortgage between:
Henry Dean of Deddington, Farmer, of the one part.
Henry Mullis of Deddington. Saddler, of the other part.

In Consideration of £500 paid by Henry Mullis to Henry Dean then Henry Dean did covenant to pay back this money to Henry Mullis on August 8th next with Interest at £5 per cent per Annum.
[£500 is probably a misprint for £50.]

As security Henry Mullis [Henry Dean surely!] did convey to Henry Mullis:

All that Messuage etc. being situate in Philcock Street in the several occupations of John Bennett etc. and now or late in the occupation of Thomas French and Joseph Kilby. 

A Messuage now or late in the occupation of Thomas French being next on the South side.
A Messuage now or late in the occupation of John Malins being next on the North side.

[The details of these occupants look to have been copied directly from the 1840 conveyance and were not updated.  The Hopcraft’s occupied one of the (two) properties from at least 1851 and Thomas French had not lived at the next cottage on the south side since before that date.]

This messuage was conveyed TO THE USE of Henry Mullis, his heirs etc. subject to a proviso for redemption of the Mortgage and Interest by repayment on the 8th of August 1877.

Various covenants by Henry Dean concerning relating to resale, insurance etc.

After August 8th 1877 Henry Mullis was given the power demand repayment of the principal of £500 (or £50?) and Interest thereof by giving three months notice,  If Henry Dean failed to repay then Henry Mullis could resell the property to recoup the principal and any interest owing, plus expenses of sale.  If there was any surplus then this would be returned to Henry Dean.