Background to enclosure

Explain Enclosure maps,  Several maps showing every plot in the parish, each numbered, with a key that shows
1. Name of the proprietor
2. Tenure (freehold, leasehold, etc)
3. brief description
4. Plot size in acres/rods/poles

There are individual maps for Clifton, Deddington and Hempton village centres and (I guess) other maps for outlying fields etc.

Unfortunately the cartographers used the same key numbers for Hempton and Deddington so we have had to make educated guesses about which property is on which map.  Clifton has unique key numbers, fortunately.

Some of the plots (outlying fields)  do not appear on any of the 3 maps

Click on the village name to see the relevant map.   Clifton   Deddington   Hempton

To see a verbatim transcript of the complete key click here

To download an excel spreadsheet of the complete key click here

View subsets of the data

a) The complete key by sequential key number (with associated proprietors) on
                Key no. 1 - 100
                Key no. 101-200
b.) The complete key by Proprietors in strict alphabetic order (with associated key numbers)
                 A - G
                 H - N

c) Data relating to specific maps.  Click on the relevant village
              1. Deddington
              2. Clifton
              3. Hempton
              4. All three
              5. Plots not on any of teh three maps