1806 - Bennett to Churchill for £80

By Jon Malings

This transaction is probably unfamiliar to most of us as a way of transfering title to a property but it was a process that was widely used in England to the middle of the 19th century.  The transaction comes in two parts, a Lease and then a Release.  Unfortunately the Lease is missing from this sale but these were standard documents. A Lease transcript can be seen  in Samuel Churchill to Hannah Turner 1818.

For more details about Lease/Release and why it was used click here.

Release Summary

April 2 1806
Release of Premises in Deddington
John Bennett to Mr. Samuel Churchill

William East
Benjamin Skillman
Clerks to Messrs Churchill and Field

An Indenture Between
John Bennett of Deddington, Weaver
Samuel Churchill the younger of Deddington, Gentleman

John Bennett sells to Samuel Churchill for £80:

The messuage…situate in Philcock Street late in the occupation of William Bennett and now of John Bennett and Mary Williams which was purchased by John Bennett from Robert Killby of Deddington, Baker

A messuage… late in the occupation of Edward Knibbs and now of Ann Knibbs his widow being next on the South side

A messuage…in occupation of James Hopcraft being next on the north side