by Jon Malings

In her Will (1755) Catherine Waite bequeathed Winmour to her brother John and his son John.  If John jnr. had no heirs then the property was to pass to her other brother Richard and his heirs.  By 1774 both the Johns and Richard had died so Richard's son, William Wyatt, had inherited.

This Agreement of Sale is between William and William Bennett of Deddington.  It is very badly damaged but I have been able to make a summary, adding words [ ] where possible. 



July 26th 1774, Sale:  William Wyatt to William Bennett for £25

[Mr. William] Wyatt              
To                                        }   Feoffment
Mr William Bennett           
Dated 26th July 1774


Sealed and delivered (being first duly [stamped ) ????]  and quick and
Peaceable possession and seizing of the Messuage Cottage or
Tenement and other the premises with appurtenances within
mentioned was had and taken by the said William Wyatt
and by him Delivered unto the within m[entioned William Bennett the]
Day and Year within written TO HOLD to him his Heirs and
Assigns according to the Tenure and Effect of the within written
Indenture in the presence of
Samuel Churchill
Richard Monkland



Received on the Day of the Date of the within written Indenturee
By me the within named William Wyatt of and from the within
Named William Bennett the full sum of Twenty five pounds of lawful
Money of Great Britain being the Consideration Money within
Mentioned to be paid unto me I say received the said sum of
By me  [signature] William Wyatt

Saml. Churchill
Rich. Monkland


An Indenture
made July 14th 1774 between
William Wyatt of White Hart Court, Castle Street, Liecester [sic] Fields in the Parish of Saint Martin in the Fields in the County of Middlesex, Goldbeater.  Eldest Son and Heir at law of Richard Wyatt who was the Eldest Brother and Heir at Law of John Wyatt, late of Deddington, deceased.
William Bennett of Deddington, Weaver

£25 for the absolute purchase and inheritance in fee simple of ..that Messuage, Cottage or Tenement with the Barn, Outbuildings, Yard, Gardens and Appurtenances situate, standing and being in Philcock Street, late in the possession of the said William Bennett and John Tilly and now of the said William Bennett.

A Messuage now in the possession of Francis Knibbs being next on the South side thereof.
A Messuage now in the possession of [Eliz]abeth Drake being next on the North side thereof.