1699 - Sturch to Langston for £13 10/-

Mary Sturch sold her property by an Indenture dated January 15th 1699.  At that time the English new year did not start until Lady Day - March 25th - so (for us) this was actually signed on January 15th 1700.

Despite its length there is little information in the Indenture regarding Winmour Cottage.  Click here for a full transcript.  One thing that is clear is that the Indenture was written out by two different people.  About halfway through the writing becomes far less legible and "secretary hand" abbreviations appear.


An Indenture between
Mary Sturch of Dedington, Widdowe &
John Langston of Dedington, Gentleman

Whereby Mary Sturch sells to John Langston for £13-10s
“All that cottage or tenement in a certaine street called Philcock Streete and now in the possession of Mary Sturch”

Mary   M   Sturch her mark [being a very well written letter “M”]

Witnesses:  Joseph Busby Joseph Sturch William Cooper [who all signed their names]