This picture of the cellar shows the 15th c. stone vaulting springing up from angle shafts with moulded capitals and bases. It also shows rubble from exploratory work to verify the old legend that there was a tunnel connected to the Castle. Nothing was found!

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Extracts from Deeds, etc. of Plough House, New Street,

Courtesy of Bette and Peter Terry 

30.7.1814 Release of his individual moiety of the Plough in Deddington: James Barnes to Richard Austin

25.3.1835 Will (copy) Richard Austin

24.12.1840 Release of Messuage, Public House, etc: David Hadland by direction of and with Barnes Austin to Job Durran

24.12.1840 Release of messuage etc: Messrs Davis & Hadland by direction of and with Barnes Austin to Job Durran

31.12.1842 Lease for 1 year: Hadland & Austin to Job Durran

31.12.1842 Mortgage: Job Durran to Thos Gulliver

10.8.1846 Will: Job Durran

10.8.1846 Will: Job Durran, Horse Dealer,  (copy)

1.3.1854 Transfer of Mortgage: as above

17.12.1868 Extract from Will: John Cherry, Maltster & Farmer

7.12.1870 Administration: with the Will annexed of James Hoare

22.5.1871 Mortgage: Samuel Matthews to John Fortman

3.4.1871 Conveyance: Henry & Sarah Hoare to Samuel Matthews

12.7.1873 Mortgage: S Matthews to Mrs M Freeman

12.7.1873 Receipt from Frederick Coggins to ?

25.6.1874 Inland Revenue Succession Duty: James Hoare on death of Ann Durran

8.6.1874 Inland Revenue Succession Duty: Mary Ann Matthews on death of Ann Durran

8.6.1874 IR Succession Duty: Sarah Coggins (formerly Sarah Matthews) on death of Ann Durran

8.6.1874 IR Succession Duty: Samuel Matthews (as above)

1.4.1875 Mortgage: William & Mary Ann Matthews to George Coggins

12.8.1880 Power of Attorney: Mary Freeman to George Coggins

23.11.1880 Transfer of Mortgage: Mary Freeman to Edward Wm Turner

22.9.1881 Certificate of Acknowledgement of mortgage deed: Fred. Coggins and wife to John Scroggs

29.9.1881 Mortgage: Fred. Coggins and uxor to John Scroggs

9.6.1882 Notice to pay: George Coggins to William Matthews

9.6.1882 Notice to pay in principal and interest: George Coggins to William Matthews

5.5.1883 Conveyance: George Coggins to Thomas Wells

23.7.1885 Mortgage: Fredereick Coggins and wife to John Coggins

13.8.1890 Reconveyance John Scroggs to Sarah Coggins

14 Aug 1890 Conveyance: Frederick Coggins and wife to Eliza Matthews (widow),  ‘tenement garden and premises situate and being in the New Street in Deddington’, formerly in occupation of Job Durran

21.8.1890 (transfer of deeds) Undertaking: Frederick Coggins & Henry Mullis (saddler)

17.9.1897 Further charge to secure £50 and interest: T H Wells and Wm Matthews to J Hicks and T H Wells,

16.9.1897 Louisa Ann Turner to J Hicks and T H Wells

14.6.1901 Memorandum: Deeds deposited with Gillett Bankers in Banbury, Thos Wells, Draper,

2.1.1905 Transfer of Mortgage: T H Wells and others to Elizabeth M Bennett

26.5.1911 Conveyance: Gillett & Co and George Hallam to Eliza Matthews

17.5.1912 Appointment of 3 new trustees to real estate of Samuel Matthews: T H Wells and others

5.11.1913 Lease of Plough Inn: Eliza Matthews to Hopcraft and Norris

20.8.1918 Reconveyance: Elizabeth Margaret Bennett to Daniel West & David Lines

7.9.1918 Conveyance: Daniel West and David Lines and others to A W Coles

8.10.1918 Guardian Insurance Policy: Coles (as above) Turf Commission Agent, property insurance

22.3.1921 Lease: A W Coles to Hopcraft & Norris  (thatch, slate, etc.)

22.8.1922 Invoice: from Thimbleby & Shorland, Auctioneers, Reading, to E Walker,

1.9.1931 Land Registry Application for Official Search: Alfred William Coles, Kettering  Plough Inn and 3 cottages adjoining

No date: Invoice: Hopcraft & Norris Brewers, Brackley & Banbury Brewery to A W Coles, Kettering, ½ share of solicitor’s costs

July 1966  Purchased by Peter and Bette Terry from Geoffrey Talbot and Molly Alison Edwards. At some time around then the orchard at the back, which was part of the land belonging to Plough House, was sold to Sidney (Sid) Berry who lived next door at Affric.