1851 Occupied by John Calcutt (56) Postmaster and Thomas Calcutt (17) Stationer & bookseller.
   no record of intervening years
1903 William Townsend tenants house to George Horatio and Emily Jones

Emily Jones dies. 

1924 George Jones marries Muriel Vane Turner (only daughter of Florence Mary Vane 
  Turner -   author of The Story of Deddington).
1933 George and Muriel Jones buy from William Townsend.
1933 Henry Williams lives in one cottage. Florence Mary Vane Turner lives in the other one.
1936 Muriel Vane Turner dies.
1936 George Jones sells to Dr Roland Holloway GP.

Between the summers of 1935 & 1936 a major reconstruction of the house takes 

place. It is unclear as to who pays for this. 
1940 Dr Holloway sells to Mrs Lawford, moves away from the village and joins the Army. 
1946 Mrs Lawford sells to Lieutenant Colonel Croker Poole (whose daughter married the

Aga Khan).
1948 Lt Col Croker Poole sells to Sir Henry Dashwood.
1952 Sir Henry Dashwood sells to Miss Lilian von Versen
1955 George Jones sells end of garden to Miss von Versen 
1979 Miss von Versen sells to Bernard Nicholas Gaunt (spouse Gillian Gaunt)
1995 Nicholas Gaunt sells to Kjell and Christine Blentoft.
2002 Kjell Blentoft dies and property passes to Christine Blentoft (present owner)