J E Eames

1190 The manor of Deddington became divided between three manorial landlords. (Colvin)
1325 Estimated date of construction of Leaden Porch House (R Wood-Jones)
1455 William Colles said to be part-owner of Leaden Porch House (Colvin)
1460 Leaden Porch house and farm seems to have become part of the Windsor manor during the reign of Edward IV (Colvin). VCH notes that ground rent continued to be paid to other two manorial landlords, suggesting that the original lease of Leaden Porch estate had been granted prior to 1190. (References to rent being paid to Cartwright and Christchurch continue to appear up to at least 1808, see below.)
1508 Thomas Pope, son of William and Elizabeth Pope reputedly born at Leaden Porch House (Colvin). The Pope family had been settled in North Oxfordshire since about 1400. William died 1523 (IPM in Appendix i and ii to Warton's Life of Pope). Elizabeth died 1557. Sir Thomas Pope died 1559. (Dictionary of National Biography)
1534 John Edmunds leased "lands in Dadyngton lately purchased of the said John Bustard (of Adderbury) of Thomas Pope, and also his moiety of the parsonage, tythe and demesne land of the parsonage and also of the demesne or lordship of the Dean and Chapter's called Leaden Porch for 21 years, rent £11" (Mary Vane Turner from the Windsor records)
1570 John Stampe acquired lease of rectory, manor castle and park and capital messuage or tenement called Ledon Porch (MV Turner)
1665 Thomas Appletree was lessee of whole Windsor manor, thus landlord of Leaden Porch. Included in tithing list of 1623, recusancy return of 1641-2 and hearth tax returns of 1665. Lived in and remodelled Castle House (1654). Died 1666.
From hearth tax returns for 1665 possible occupants of Leaden Porch House are: George Elkington - 6 hearths; John Wadames, Richard Giles, Mathew West - 5; William Evies, William Appletree, John Appletree, Henry Beere, Widow Woldham, Bartholomew Ayleworth, Wiar Clark - 4.
1666 Lease granted to Thomas Appletree, esquire and his son and heir Thomas Appletree for 1 year of the Leaden Porch in a certain street leading into Oxford, the East field and the West field called the Windsor (MV Turner)
1692 Will of Thomas Appletree junior refers to 4 yardlands in Deddington in occupation of George Carter and George Ellis (ORO)
1705 Reverend Francis Henry Cary of Brinkworth, Wilts (Thomas Appletree's son in law) was lessee of Windsor manor. Died 1711 (Colvin)
1714 George French pays £9 as leaseholder of Leaden Porch Farm House and for 2 yardlands part of the same farm £24/10 (MV Turner)
1728 Cary Hunt (grandson of F H Cary) recorded in Cartwright/Christchurch records as paying rent of 6/8d for Leaden Porch House and 3 yardlands. (B Heywood). Died 1738. (Colvin)
1737 William Hunt, Cary's son inherits lease of Windsor manor (Colvin)
1758 William Hunt died. Dispute in Chancery over will. (ORO)
1758 20th July new lease from Dean and Chapter of Windsor to James Harris, Hunt's assignee (ORO)
1761 Christmas Eve - indenture transferring lease of Windsor Manor to George Stow of Low Leyton, Essex (ORO/Colvin)
1771 George Stow's will proved (ORO)
1808 New lease for 21 years from Dean and Chapter of Windsor to Robert Marriott (George Stow's son-in-law) dated 26 or 27 June paying rent of £32 for the parsonage and rectory etc and £34/6/8 for the manor castle, park and messuage called Leaden Porch (ORO)
1808 Robert Marriott died 18 July. 6 October - licence to alienate parts of leased manor property from Dean & Chapter of Windsor. Refers to "all that capital messuage or tenement commonly called Leaden Porch" but LP not part of property to be alienated (ORO). Will of Samuel Churchill dated 17 April 1808, leaving real estate in Deddington to son Samuel. (ORO) Plan of 1808 showing Cartwright property in Deddington at the time of enclosure details plot 43, Leaden Porch, as being in the occupation of Samuel Churchill. (224) Following enclosure Leaden Porch Farm comprised approx. 156 acres.
1827 Order in bankruptcy made against Samuel Churchill junior. (ORO)
1833 Sale of all property of Samuel Churchill junior in 25 lots. (ORO)
1834 House in dilapidated condition (Church Commissioners' Records) and in use as a beershop following construction of a new farmhouse in the fields.
1840 Reverend William Cotton Risley's journal refers to "our opposite neighbour Pritchett". (B Heywood)
1841 Census records 2 neighbouring households in New Street headed by Benjamin Pritchett, farmer senior, 45, and Benjamin Pritchett, farmer, 21.
1842 September - WC Risley's journal notes that Pritchett's sale takes place at Tomwell Farm.
1843 Church Commissioners' Records state that the house is "neatly repaired"
1846 Hunt's Oxford Directory - Benjamin Pritchett, baker, resident in Deddington.
1850 Will of Thomas Gulliver of Bloxham leaves, inter alia, leasehold farm in Deddington, Tomwells Farm and closes called Fishers Closes to son Edward and leaseshold farm in Deddington, Leaden Porch Farm to son Frederick
1851 Census records occupant of Leaden Porch House as Frederick Gulliver, 25, farming 250 acres.
1852 Jackson's Oxford Journal for December records a meeting at the Kings Arms Inn, Deddington chaired by Mr F Gulliver, High Bailiff, to discuss a resolution to be put to the Great Western Railway Co. (B Heywood)
1853 Thomas Gulliver dies. Benjamin Pritchett (now of Barnsley, Gloucs.) sells land and buildings on New Street (now the Stile House) to Frederick Gulliver.
1861 Census records occupants of Leaden Porch House as Frederick Gulliver, 35, and wife Martha, 28, farming 400 acres.
1871 Census records Frederick Gulliver, 44, and wife Martha farming 475 acres.
1881 Census records Frederick Gulliver, 55, and wife Martha, 46, farming 490 acres.
1891 Census records Frederick Gulliver, 67, and wife Martha, 58.
1893 Frederick Gulliver sells The Stile House to Richard Page Bull, veterinary surgeon (Forsyth abstract)
1895 Kelly's Directory records Frederick Gulliver, farmer and grazier, living in New Street, Deddington
1899 Church Commissioners' records refer to Bryan Millington as lessee of Leaden Porch (J Adams)
1901 Census records Bryan Worsley Millington, farmer, 39 living in New Street.
1903 Kelly's Directory contains no Frederick Gulliver and Bryan W Millington, farmer, is recorded living in New Street.
1939 Bryan Millington believed to have finished farming (J Adams). Millington is remembered riding a big white cob with a docked tail (elderly gent born in Philcote Street in the 20s)
1940 New lease of Leaden Porch House from The Church Commissioners to General Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart (B Hill)
1948 Sale of freehold interest in Leadenporch House by The Church Commissioners to General Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart. (Title deduced on basis of Statutory Declaration by Church Commissioners' agent - no reference to any rights of other manorial landlords.) Followed by sale of Leadenporch House to Rear Admiral Charles Pierre Berthon. (B Hill)
1965 Admiral Berthon dies of mumps on a visit to his grandchildren. Sale of contents. Leadenporch sold to Miss Betty Hill and her mother. (B Hill)